Aulryakh Subsector in the Riftspan Reaches Sector

@SUB-SECTOR: sec_A   SECTOR: riftspan
# Trade routes within the subsector
$0108 0407 0 0
$0306 0507 0 0
$0407 0507 0 0
$0507 0711 0 1
$0507 0905 1 0
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Areiha'is     0102 B5485HA-C    Ag Ni              100 As
Triwayah      0103 C7832G4-7    Lo Ni              120 As
Ftyayu        0104 A6648M5-E    Ag Ri              102 As
Yolrilao      0108 B69A7M7-A  R Wa Aq              112 As     f
Ehaosah       0201 B5625H8-C    Ni                 103 As
Staikhah      0204 B1403GB-B    De Po Ni Lo        613 As
Iohfou        0303 B1307J5-C    De Po Na           204 As
Yailaw        0306 A1108M5-E    Na                 803 As
Fahaiye       0402 B6334N7-A    Po Ni              812 As
Oilraroi      0403 C4866JB-9    Ag Ni Ri           600 As
Teikhahfauoa  0404 B3625KA-B    Ni                 800 As
Hastaofta     0407 B2004J7-C  R Va Ni              413 As     f
Wyoyohku'     0503 B2107JA-C    Na                 804 As
Aulryakh      0507 A242AN4-E  R Po Hi In           502 As     f
Seihueiakh    0602 C3673G4-D    Ni Lo              104 As
Eioiye'       0701 A7A87H7-E  R C0 Fl              704 As
Ieafe         0703 B3108L5-E  T Na                 502 A3
Stoafaohail   0804 D0007K5-B    Na As              902 As

R = Clan Base
T = Tlaukhu Base
U = Tlaukhu and Clan Base

Na = Non-aligned
A0 = Yerlyaruiwo Tlaukhu bloc
A1 = Khaukeairl Tlaukhu bloc
A2 = Syoisuis Tlaukhu bloc
A3 = Tralyeaeawi Tlaukhu bloc
A4 = Eakhtiyho Tlaukhu bloc
A5 = Hlyueawi Tlaukhu bloc
A7 = Ikhtealyo Tlaukhu bloc
A8 = Seieakh Tlaukhu bloc
A9 = Aokhalte Tlaukhu bloc
As = Aslan
Wi = Wilds
-- = Uninhabited


Aulryakh subsector:

Although ihatei expansion spinward and coreward during the Civil War depopulated the area, refugees (a term that doesn't sit well with them) from the Hierate moved in to take their place. These Aslan are preparing for the day when they can venture across the rift to reclaim their old homes.

The economic boom that sprang up during the ihatei invasions has continued with the establishment of the Quarantine. Five naval bases have been constructed. Several starports have been upgraded. The worlds in the Aulryakh subsector continuously send supplies up to the front line in Aokiylair and Ryuhleiea subsectors.

Aulryakh (507) is the only accepted port for riftspanning traffic in Aslan territory. All traffic must go through this checkpoint or risk immediate destruction. A strict inventory is kept of all ships passing through the area as well as their cargoes. No unregistered ships or cargo are allowed to move freely in the area. Ships without permits are immediately detained for inspection. Resistance is met with immediate violence.

Ships which arrive at Yolrilao (108) and Hastaofta (407) are given worse treatment. Ships which pass inspection are fined (Commerce in a Hazardous Area without a permit) and detained until a courier can travel to Aulryakh to update their traffic records and return to verify permission to continue.

Permits may be granted in advance if the ship's owner can provide sufficient documentation that their ship is Virus-free. The Quarantine Service has facilities, on all worlds with a B starport of better, which can thoroughly inspect a ship and certify it as such. These permits are subject to annual renewal and immediately expire upon the ship's departure from Aslan territory.

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