Llaezgaen Subsector in the Provence Sector

@SUB-SECTOR: sec_A   SECTOR: provence
# Trade routes within the subsector
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Ngulruedukh   0101 X8A1000-0    Fl Ba              012 --
Gzaerzserorgh 0102 X69A447-4    Wa Ni           B  301 Wi
Thurraekh     0103 X8A1000-0    Fl Ba              003 --
Kuerrgoeng    0107 X7886A2-4    Ag Ni              214 Wi
Gaeksuergh    0108 X5616U8-3    Ni                 622 Wi
Adzoeknogh    0109 X424000-0    Ba                 003 --
Ang Aeth      0110 E444300-5    Ni Lo              325 Wi
Aellorr       0203 X7568U7-5                       215 Wi
Kunag         0204 X300000-0    Va Ba              012 --
Kota          0205 X100000-0    Va Ba              011 --
Ath Aghe      0210 X685643-4    Ag Ni Ri           124 Wi
Ae Uer        0302 D787523-8    Ag Ni              513 Wi
Vaggvuek      0303 X535000-0    Ba                 002 --
Kath          0304 X110000-0    Va Ba              004 --
Taktelugh     0305 X5586RD-2    Ag Ni           B  222 Wi
Sa Thaen      0306 D68A5A4-7    Wa Aq Ni           113 Wi
Llaes         0308 D7647U9-6    Ag              B  904 Wi
Oghzourr      0309 X515000-0    Va Ic Ba           024 --
Urr Orr       0401 D5584C6-5    Ag Ni              324 Wi
Ardhaer       0402 X233000-0    Po Ba              013 --
Klur          0403 X310000-0    Va Ba              024 --
Ouskathoerz   0406 D558645-8    Ag Ni              822 Wi
Ranghou       0409 C4445A5-6    Ag Ni              420 Wi
Founeghen     0410 X381625-0    Ni              B  904 Wi
To Oukan      0502 C642644-9    Ni                 714 Wi
Nurugholi     0507 X634000-0    Ba                 022 --
Zekhghe       0508 X7793S4-4    Ni Lo           B  315 Wi
Vo Dikh       0603 C244556-8    Ag Ni              322 Vi
Llaegharrgh   0604 C666855-A                       824 Vi
Ung Uksa      0606 D6868A6-7                       423 Wi
Khid          0608 X210000-0    Va Ba              014 --
Urerknun      0701 D95A4M2-6    Ni                 503 Wi
Okhoe         0702 X524000-0    Ba                 024 --
Faarzgaen     0704 X000000-0    As Va Ba           014 --
Vo Oeg        0705 X6648RB-4    Hi              B  404 Wi
Arri          0706 X6486C7-4    Ag Ni           B  134 Wi
Vrraknog      0707 X6788S4-3                    B  104 Wi
Ngekhong      0709 X7A4000-0    Fl Ba              023 --
Errokdzor     0710 X539000-0    Ba                 004 --
Vungeketh     0801 X7597A6-2    Aq                 103 Wi
Tughghorr     0805 X4567S6-4    Ag              B  323 Wi
Rothksigho    0809 X88A5SB-3    Wa Aq           B  901 Wi
Alloghz       0810 X9C6000-0    Fl Ba              012 --

G = Vargr Naval Base
C = Corsair Base

Dr = Droyne World
KV = Knokseng Confederation
Va = Independent Vargr World
Vi = Llaeghskath Interacterate
Vl = Lair Protectorate
Wi = Wilds

Llaezgaen Subsector: The Llaezgaen Subsector has an estimated population in 1202 of approximately 2.0 billion, a decline of 96.6% from its Pre-Collapse population. Llaegharrgh has the highest population (800 million) as well as the highest tech level rating (10). The Llaezgaen subsector had an estimated population in 1120 of approximately 60.1 billion. Its highest population was 20 billion at Tughghorr and Vo Oeg. Llaegharrgh had the highest tech level (16).

Subsector Notes: (Refer to Vilani & Vargr pg.54-55) In 1114, unhappy with the menacing attitude of Faarzgaen (704), the Llaeghskath Interacterate was formed by Llaegharrgh (604) and Ouskathoerz (406). Believing in technology and scientific thought, these worlds sought to pursue an independent course from the Empire of Varroerth. Many of their spinward neighbors joined them.

The religious leaders of Faarzgaen were so outraged by this development that they too seceded from the Empire to form the Jihad of Faarzgaen. The leaders despised the Interacterate for their "ungodly" beliefs and felt that they needed to be eradicated from existence. Enlisting the aid of some of their trailing neighbors, they went to war against the Llaeghskath Interacterate. Those worlds which would not willingly join with the Jihad were forcibly annexed.

The religion is centered around the god Faarzgaen. His worshippers believe that he communicates to them through feelings. If you felt hungry, you were supposed to eat. If you wanted to kill someone, you were being commanded by Faarzgaen to do just that. The Jihad was brutal, even to its own citizens. Heretics were put to death. No personal entertainment devices were permitted nor was there any money. Off-worlders were paid in hard assets such as precious metals, finished goods, and even slaves from captured worlds.

With the exception of a temporary cease-fire in 1118, enacted when word of Strephon's death reached the region, the war was non-stop. The Jihad's devotion to eradicating the Interacterate was relentless. They might even have won the war were it not for a crucial mistake. The turning point came in 1125 when they decided that further expansion trailward was necessary (see Vorvoun for more details). The new regional governor, Gen Rungakh, was already annoyed with the ongoing feud. She issued a proclamation stating that neither group be allowed to expand any further. While the Interacterate complied, the Jihad did not. When the Jihad began to forcibly convert more worlds over to Faarzgaen, Rungakh began to retaliate by ordering all Jihad warships found outside of their 1125 boundaries to be attacked. Forced to fight a war on 2 fronts, the Jihad weakened.

In 1128, the Jihad agreed to another cease-fire. Negotiators stepped in to try and find a way to reintegrate both sides back into the Empire. During this time, the Jihad began to build more ships to recoup their losses. After 3 years of negotiating, the Jihad killed the peace negotiators from the Empire and the Interacterate and renewed the war.

The madness of the Jihad finally came to an end in 1135. The massive Vampire Fleet from Anghikh and Kaegrogz invaded and annihilated Faarzgaen. The planetoids themselves were pounded so heavily that they shattered into pieces. Even the inhabitable Jihad worlds suffered heavily. The death toll was in the tens of billions.

The Llaegskath Interacterate also took a beating from Virus. However, unlike the Jihad of Faarzgaen, it survived. Only Llaegharrgh (TL10) and Vo Dikh (TL8) remained intact enough to carry on the name of the state. Other worlds have begun to rebound from the devastation. Before the end of the decade, it is hoped that Ae Uer (302), Taktelugh (305), Sa Thaen (306), Urr Orr (401), To Oukan (502), Ouskathoerz (406), and Ung Uksa (606) will be able to, and want to, rejoin the Interacterate.

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