Vorvoun Subsector in the Provence Sector

@SUB-SECTOR: sec_B   SECTOR: provence
# Trade routes within the subsector
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Aktsthungso   0901 X88A7C5-4    Wa Aq              422 Wi
Ghaez-Larrgh  0903 X584522-5    Ag Ni              104 Wi
Aedzuedza     0904 X324000-0    Ba                 023 --
Doughaerr     0906 XAA9000-0    Fl Ba              022 --
Kuzllonge     0908 D346423-5    Ni                 304 Wi
Kugh          1002 X000000-0    As Va Ba           022 --
Aelues        1003 D4537S5-8                       922 Wi
Vuegva        1008 X556425-3    Ni                 303 Wi
Viksougu      1009 E547100-5    Ni Lo              514 Wi
Edhsaza       1103 X7873A7-3    Ni Lo           B  313 Wi
Aekaedho      1106 X9978C6-4                    B  503 Wi
Eg Orrou      1108 X500000-0    Va Ba              003 --
Aersathun     1110 D5436C5-6    Ni                 101 Wi
Adhkfurral    1201 XAD4125-5    Ni Lo              801 Wi
Kerro         1204 X000000-0    As Va Ba           013 --
Un Gzang      1205 X9B8000-0    Fl Ba              003 --
Sondhuen      1208 X794622-2    Ag Ni           B  134 Wi
Daethrrorrg   1209 X4735A7-3    Ni              B  202 Wi
Guekouzaeks   1301 E3722C6-4    Ni Lo              101 Wi
Llonknarrluts 1302 X3504C5-3    De Ni              101 Wi
Knak          1304 X300000-0    Va Ba              014 --
Gaengael      1306 X5447A6-4    Ag                 233 Wi
Farrurgneng   1403 D544652-7    Ag Ni              625 Va
Uengngil      1404 X575400-1    Ni                 403 Wi
Gunog         1405 X78A441-3    Wa Aq Ni           304 Wi     f
Kathae        1410 X221000-0    Po Ba              022 --
Vorvoun       1505 C7788A5-A                       403 Wi     f
Oungrroll     1507 X8A4000-0    Fl Ba              011 --
Dhoradhue     1509 X5765C6-1    Ag Ni           B  104 Wi
Zaeghaego     1601 D753758-7                       403 Va
Dhurrg        1602 X8637S7-4                    B  403 Wi
Kaengku       1605 C368757-8    Ag Ri              103 Va
Dholgva       1608 X470224-4    De Ni Lo           203 Wi

G = Vargr Naval Base
C = Corsair Base

Dr = Droyne World
KV = Knokseng Confederation
Va = Independent Vargr World
Vi = Llaeghskath Interacterate
Vl = Lair Protectorate
Wi = Wilds

Vorvoun Subsector: The Vorvoun Subsector has an estimated population in 1202 of approximately 1.2 billion, a decline of 95.7% from its Pre-Collapse population. Aekaedho has the highest population (500 million)while Vorvoun has the highest tech level rating (10). The Vorvoun subsector had an estimated population in 1120 of approximately 27 billion. Its highest population was 9 billion at Knak and Aelues. Vorvoun had the highest tech level (15).

Subsector Notes:

From 1115-1120, the Jihad of Faarzgaen invaded and enslaved three worlds: Ghaez-Larrgh (903), Aedzuedza (904), and Doughaerr (906). By 1120, 75% of the population of Ghaez-Larrgh had either been enslaved or killed (Vilani & Vargr pg54). By 1121, the entire population of Aedzueda had been killed. By 1122, the entire population of Doughaerr had either been enslaved or killed. The butchering and enslavement of Ghaez-Larrgh continued until only a few hundred thousand people remained. This became the breeder pool for future slaves.

In need of more "hard assets," the Jihad began to expand trailward in 1125. They began to attack Kugh (1002) and Aeleus (1003). Gen Rungakh, the newly appointed regional governor, put a stop to it. As the first step towards re-integrating the two warring factions back into the Empire, further expansion had to be halted. Forced to fight a war on two fronts, the Jihad weakened. Although the Jihad resumed their attacks after the peace negotiations failed in 1131, they were not able to capture any other worlds before Virus wiped them out in 1135.

Local corsairs which traded with the Jihad of Faarzgaen often received unusual forms of payment: gems, precious metals, and even slaves. The bases at Viksougu (1009), Eg Orrou (1108), and Adhkfurral (1201) profited from this arrangement. Today, they're in bad shape. The base at Eg Orrou was completely wiped out by Virus. The downport at Viksougu came alive and kills anyone that tries to enter it. The support structure for the base in the mountains of Adhkfurral was blasted by Vampire ships. Those present fell with it as it slid down into the crushing pressures of the lower elevations. The population at Viksougu is 55 and the population at Adhkfurral is 85. Neither of these populations is large enough to sustain a healthy gene pool. Without an influx of Vargr, or escape, these populations will gradually die off.

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