Grnouf Subsector in the Provence Sector

@SUB-SECTOR: sec_C   SECTOR: provence
# Trade routes within the subsector
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Dhuellzugza   1701 X755524-5    Ag Ni              221 Wi
Odhrrigh      1703 X7B2000-0    Fl Ba              022 --
Anur          1706 X5848A3-6    Ag              B  513 Wi     f
Hoenguel      1707 X6714A0-0    Ni              B  922 Wi
Tsueghogrugllo1708 X9964R9-1    Ag Ni              903 Wi
Gzoerghaen    1709 X5946T9-7    Ag Ni           B  424 Wi
Oegninong     1802 X425000-0    Ba                 001 --
Kfaege        1804 X202000-0    Va Ic Ba           011 --
Grnouf        1805 X8698C3-4                    B  402 Wi
Sastsuks      1806 X2446RB-6    Ag Ni           B  522 Wi
Udhagaksuen   1810 X5453M0-7    Ni Lo              404 Wi
Kfakfug       1904 X200000-0    Va Ba              011 --
Kfeks         1905 X100000-0    Va Ba              025 --
Gnerr         1906 X755659-8    Ag Ni              514 Va
Ueksouk       1907 X7C2000-0    Fl Ba              002 --
Uengoz        1909 X356640-5    Ni              B  204 Wi
Zargvaetsr    2001 C76A6A7-9    Wa Aq              912 Vl
Kfaengzuen    2004 X212000-0    Ic Ba              013 --
Otsaerghuerr  2005 X88A4C3-4    Wa Ni Lo           903 Wi
Voukifaerrg   2006 X533000-0    Po Ba              005 --
Aertsvad      2101 C49478B-9    Ag                 605 Vl
Oeghzvar      2102 C486876-A                       104 Vl
Kfasaegerr    2107 X223000-0    Po Ba              012 --
Egzan         2108 X4586C5-3    Ag Ni           B  902 Wi
Uengva        2109 D481530-8    Ni                 402 Va     f
Daekhs        2206 X7A1000-0    Fl Ba              013 --
Saellok       2208 D597852-8                       704 Va     f
Zhorurn       2301 C884773-B    Ag                 213 Vl
Fraets-Vog    2302 B685755-C  G Ag Ri              103 Vl
Arrunoer      2305 D496744-8    Ag                 704 Va     f
Geksoen       2306 D456656-8    Ag Ni              600 Va     f
Vaesan        2308 X5A1000-0    Fl Ba              003 --
Koeldoun      2310 X400000-0    Va Ba              003 --
Firgvaar      2401 A667987-C  G Hi                 214 Vl
Lair          2402 A8859A8-C  G Hi Cx              213 Vl
Foukakh       2405 X5557T6-7    Ag              B  304 Wi
Uk Olou       2410 X8846A2-5    Ag Ni           B  211 Wi

G = Vargr Naval Base
C = Corsair Base

Dr = Droyne World
KV = Knokseng Confederation
Va = Independent Vargr World
Vi = Llaeghskath Interacterate
Vl = Lair Protectorate
Wi = Wilds

Grnouf Subsector: The Grnouf Subsector has an estimated population in 1202 of approximately 6 billion, a decrease of 60% from its Pre-Collapse population. Lair and Firgvaar have the highest population (2 billion) while Lair has the highest tech level rating (13). The Grnouf Subsector had an estimated population in 1120 of approximately 15 billion. Its highest population was 5 billion at Anur. Lair had the highest tech level (15).

Lair Protectorate Notes:

In 777, Lair (2402) declared its independence from the Empire of Varroerth. It was accompanied by Khvhaergvaetsorrgh (2501), Firgvaar (2401), Fraets-Vog (2302), Zhorurn (2301), and Kaarlag (Ngathksirz 2440). "Embracing everything that is truly Vargr, the Lair Protectorate is based on the basic precepts of charisma and responsible change." (Vilani & Vargr pg.54). The Empire just shrugged and ignored the Protectorate. The Protectorate ignored the Empire in return. Over the next 300+ years, Aertsvad (2101), Oeghzvar (2102), Zargvaetsr (2001), and Khaevu (Ngathksirz 2240) joined the Protectorate. As the Protectorate began to really prosper, the regional governor grew somewhat envious but took no action. The Protectorate is also technologically minded and would have quite an advantage if a civil war broke out.

Unlike their brethren, the Vargr of the Lair Protectorate did not join in the great feast in Corridor. Their resources were focused on internal matters. Civil unrest on Lair threatened to break apart the Protectorate. Reform minded Ulurs Otsunga stabilized matters with legislation designed to curtail restrictions over personal freedoms. His timing was fortunate as he soon had to face an even greater threat, Virus.

When word reached the Protectorate about the coming of Virus, decisive action was immediately taken. Worlds prepared for war. Caches of technology were created and hidden deep underground. While representatives of the Empire scoffed at what they felt was a hoax, the Protectorate secured its borders and remained alert for any possible sign of contamination. In 1136, Virus came.

A large vampire fleet, mostly consisting of ships from Kaegrogz and Anghikh, barreled its way into Grnouf in 1136 after forays into Llaezgaen and Vorvoun. Spies for the Protectorate returned with reports of carnage all along the Grnouf Main. Taking a gamble, the Protectorate put the bulk of its forces in Zargvaetsr, since it is the only Protectorate world seperated by 2 parsecs to the Grnouf Main. It paid off.

The Vampire fleet jumped in 2 weeks after the Protectorate Navy had put themselves into positions throughout the system. Despite being outnumbered, the Protectorate Navy had the element of surprise and superior technology on their side. They destroyed the bulk of the fleet as most of the ships did not have the extra fuel to jump out of the system. Those that did, went coreward into Ngathksirz sector. Protectorate casualties were moderate but the naval base and Zargvaetsr itself were the unfortunate recipients of suicide impacts from dying vampire ships.

Over the next two decades, several major battles were fought. The most decisive came in 1156 when a large Vampire fleet tried invading the Protectorate through its coreward jump 1 neighbors in Ngathksirz. This was a successful maneuver. Although the Protectorate was patrolling these worlds and received enough advance notice from their scouts, they did not know which world the fleet was going to strike. Over a period of several months, Vampire squadrons would jump in to a system, hit it, and jump back out before the Vargr had a chance to strike. A few of these missions were suicide runs designed to take out a starport or a naval base to soften up the system before the larger force jumped in. The Protectorate was forced to divide up its fleet among several worlds as most were within striking distance. The entire Vampire fleet finally struck at Aertsvad. Defending all 5 gas giants would have spread their forces too thin so only a few ships had been sent to each gas giant. When the Vampire fleet jumped in, the ships radioed the main fleet and then jumped to rejoin the main fleet. Upon receiving the warning, couriers were sent out to warn their neighbors. The battle, known as the Siege of Aertsvad, was fierce. Vargr fighter pilots adopted the suicide tactics of the Vampires. The Vampire fleet didn't consider the fighters much of a threat. This enabled the fighters to within meters of them where they were able to detonate their nuclear payloads. Casualties were heavy for both sides at Aertsvad but the Vargr held their ground. The Vampire fleet was forced to flee.

With their coreward neighbors a liability, the Protectorate decided that it would annex them. The Protectorate Recovery Program (PRP) began in 1158. Advisors and troops were sent in to assess the situation of each of these worlds and recommend the best course of action to bring these worlds back to pre-Collapse levels. Although the work has been slow, definitive progress has been made. All worlds in the Protectorate have at least a D starport or better.

Virus brought out something unusual in the Vargr of the Lair Protectorate: homeworld pride. Virus has been perceived as an attack on the Vargr way of life. Virus has no charisma. The Vargr of the Protectorate feel greatly insulted and, as such, will not suffer it. When dealing with Viral threats, these Vargr fight with the tenacity of an Aslan defending the honor of his clan and have not hesitated to lay down their lives in defense of the Protectorate.

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