Alba Subsector in the Alpha Leonis Sector

@SUB-SECTOR: Alba       SECTOR: alphaleo
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Efretti       2501 XAA9000-0    Ba                 004 Un
Lasen         2505 X6A4000-0    Ba                 000 Un
Harmon        2510 X300000-0    Ba                 005 Un
Calimite      2605 X000000-0    As Ba              003 Un
Mansania      2607 X5655R7-5    Ni Ag              424 Wi
Tarano        2610 X000000-0    As Ba              024 Un
Snarf         2701 X473200-2    Lo Ni              614 Wi
Zenux         2704 X6A2000-0    Ba                 023 Un
Moonshan      2706 X100000-0    Ba Va              002 Un
Rog's Planet  2710 X3557S6-3    Ag              B  913 Wi
Gardon        2801 E5963N6-7    Ni Lo              803 Wi
Knobel        2805 X551637-8    Ni Po              604 Al
Yekon         2902 X6414RD-0    Ni Lo           B  504 Wi     f
Villbert      2905 D88889B-7    Ag              B  722 Al
Crown Heights 2906 X481425-8    Ni Lo              204 Al
MacBurr       2908 X98A3P5-8    Ni Wa Lo        B  103 Wi
White         3001 X8775R7-5    Ni Ag           B  311 Wi     f
Deserte       3003 X643548-7    Ni Po              222 Al
Zilon         3004 X666457-8    Ni Lo              900 Al
Ribble        3007 X210000-0    Ba                 012 Un
Rapier        3008 E6936R5-9    Ni                 501 Wi
Sumax         3010 X332000-0    Ba                 002 Un
Glassend      3102 X726000-0    Ba                 015 Un     f
Cirion        3103 X788000-0    Ba                 000 Un
Arwen         3105 X10088C-8    Va Na              004 Al     f
Brego         3110 X62A000-0    Wa Ba              024 Un
Degas         3201 X210000-0    Ba                 012 Un
Gambda        3210 X000000-0    As Ba              003 Un

A = Navy & Scout Bases
D = Naval Depot
N = Naval Base
S = Scout Base
C = Scout & Hiver Base
T = Hiver Temp Base
H = Hiver Staging Base
X = Local Naval/Scout

Al = Protectorate of Alba
Be = Beltan Empire
Cs = Beltanian Client State
Un = Unpopulated
Wi = Wilds
Na = Non-aligned

Alba Subsector --------------

Alba Subsector: Alba Subsector has an estimated population in 1202 of approximately 780 million, a decline of over 89 percent from its Pre-Collapse population. Its highest population is 706 million at Villbert, and its highest tech level is 9 at Rapier.

Alba Subsector (historical): Alba Subsector had an estimated population in 1117 of approximately 6.6 billion. Its highest population was 5.03 billion at Gambda, and its highest tech level was 14 at Snarf.

Subsector Notes ---------------

Alba subsector is named for the Protectorate of Alba, which was active during the Long Night; since the Collapse it has come to life once again.

Protectorate of Alba by Leroy Guatney and Lewis Roberts

Originally settled from Earth (Terra), the Alban Protectorate has always been a stable alliance of worlds. Actually, alliance describes too strongly the underlying nature of the Protectorate. A better term would be pact or even family of worlds.

A little more than one thousand extended families of Terran origin settled the region around present-day system named White (3001 Alpha Leonis). Their colonies had mutual origins on Earth, and continued these ties over interstellar distances between the worlds around White. The Protectorate also includes some systems in the Old Expanses, and even more in Spica (Alpha Virginis) sector.

Originally outside the bounds of the Terran Confederation, the Protectorate later found itself within the confines of the Rule of Man. It was the fall of the latter, that really lead to the Protectorate as a formal arrangement, protecting the families from the encroaching Long Night all around.

The Protectorate has at no time been an interstellar government, but its capacity for mutual defense certainly qualifies it as an independent state. In fact, the view on these worlds is, "that government which governs less, governs best." The citizens view the Protectorate as in one of two states (or modes) at any time: active or inactive.

There have been only two times in history in which the Protectorate has been active: the Long Night, and from the Collapse until the New Era. Nobody to date (New Era reference) has been able to understand how the Protectorate survived Virus in tact. It is confirmable that they have done their share in combating Vampire Fleets.

During the period the Protectorate was part of the Solomani Confederation, the Albans were given member-state status. With their inherent attitudes, they never played a significant role in Confederation politics. In fact, a number of worlds, as found elsewhere in the Confederation, are not formally member worlds either. All of this is permitted by the Charter of the Solomani States, though these worlds scoff at being called Solomani.

As the Second Imperium--the Rule of Man (or disparagingly the Ramshackle Empire)--began its slow fall into what is now called the Long Night, a community of several worlds in the Core-trailing edge of the Alpha Leonis sector formed up the Protectorate of Alba. Using the best technologies available to the Empire, theses non-Imperials crafted the best Protectorate known during the Long Night. Their defensive systems kept the encroachment of the Wilds outside of their Protectorate.

Dawn locally began around 200 (Third Imperial), and the Protectorate had not had an incursion attempt since 176, and so the community disbanded formal vigilance patrols, sinking to merely a community of trading worlds, more a postal union by Third Imperial standards. After the Solomani Rim War, they were pressured into joining the Solomani Confederation. Most of the worlds didn't take in Solomani politics.

It was regarded as a backwater area of the Confederation. This all changed upon news that Emperor Strephon has been assassinated. Suddenly it was the front line in a new battle to retake the Solomani Sphere. Fleets moved into the area in preparation for a major assault. When the Old Expanses surrendered, these fleets moved on, once again leaving Alba subsector to be a backwater. Several reserve fleets were stationed in the area, to prevent raids from Lucan and Margret.

When the Virus was released, Alba subsector was given a bit of advanced warning. The planetary fathers of the former Protectorate reestablished the vigilance patrols, and the Protectorate rose again. The Protectorate mobilized those reserve fleets still in the area, and used these to fight off marauding Vampires. They weren't able to save all these ships, several of the fleets were taken over by the Virus; Glassend was the victim of one such fleet. The Vigilance Patrols were only partially successful, a small handful of worlds was kept alive, while the rest either died or were reduced to barbarism. Many of the ships which the Protectorate had seized, were lost in these patrols. The men and women who served, are remembered on Foundation Day. This is a holiday to remember the founding of the Protectorate and those people who gave their lives for it. The date is October 27th, on the Solomani calendar. Of the few capital ships which survived the Vigilance patrols, most have been turned into monitors, their jump drives having been scavenged to allow smaller ships to continue flying.

The Protectorate is less a government and more of a self help group. The worlds share resources to protect each other from Vampire incursions. They also exchange technology and knowledge to keep each other afloat. The Virus has provided the Protectorate with a siege mentality.

In 1179, the Albans were contacted by scouts from the Hive Federation. A diplomatic mission was allowed to land, but during the talks, many Albans came to the conclusion that the Hivers had either released the Virus, or were using it to advance themselves at everyone else's expense. Diplomatic relations were broken off, and Hivers are no longer welcome. The Hivers have since developed the Sitah region in subsector P of Old Expanses. The Albans view these humans with contempt and refuse to have anything to do with them. The Albans are quite isolationist: ships wishing to enter their space, must undergo several months of decontamination and quarantine, to prevent Virus from spreading. Their patrols have a "shoot first ask questions later" attitude: after all millions of lives rest on their shoulders.

The Pre-Collapse Protectorate, consisted of 19 worlds, 13 of which were in Alba subsector of Alpha Crucis: Moonshan, Gardon, Knobel, Yekon, Villbert, Crown Heights, White, Deserte, Zilon, Glassend, Cirion, Arwen, and Degas. Three were in Naav subsector of Spica sector, they were Meridian, Naav and Antairtic. The last three were in Old Expanses. The New Era Protectorate consists of far fewer worlds; Knobel, Villbert, Crown Heights, Deserte, Zilon, and Arwen. Meridian still lives, but is stranded on the other side of the vampire fleets at Glassend.

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