Tansa Subsector in the Gushemege Sector

@SUB-SECTOR: sec_D   SECTOR: gush
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Kell          2501 X76A985-6    Hi Wa              102 Wi     f
Sayayr        2502 X735000-0    Ba                 010 --
Bradt Landing 2503 X8B9000-0    Fl Ba              023 --
Routeburn     2504 D37056A-6    Ni De              101 Wi     f
Shiramuunir   2507 X44466B-9  S Ag Ni           B  431 Wi     f
Jonosva       2509 X9C7000-0    Fl Ba              003 --     f
Ellje         2609 X7A6000-0    Fl Ba              015 --
Tosiv         2610 X525000-0    Ba                 010 --
Fubanan       2701 XA9A333-6    Lo Ni Wa        B  500 Wi     f
Kyla          2704 XA7A224-8    Lo Ni Wa           100 Wi     f
Xenicus       2705 XAE4000-0    Ba                 004 --
Sinish Giken  2706 X331000-0    Ba Po              020 --
Hunnan        2707 X360644-5    Ni De              503 Wi     f
Minev         2709 D340310-5    Lo Ni Po De        304 Wi     f
Aakmi         2801 X765768-4    Ag              B  100 Wi     f
Trindewranda  2802 X222000-0    Ba Po              003 --
Giikika       2804 E5446AD-5    Ag Ni           B  510 Wi     f
Sahee         2806 X96A784-6    Wa              B  102 Wi     f
Ka Maz        2807 X380434-5    Lo Ni De           104 Wi     f
Luuen         2809 X321000-0    Ba Po              004 --
Mekar         2810 X584587-7    Ag Ni              400 Wi     f
Pucuro        2904 X6426AA-5    Ni Po           B  301 Wi     f
Beheld        2905 X257540-4    Ag Ni           B  314 Wi     f
Tasazhas      2906 D898527-2    Ag Ni              211 Wi
Lishan        2907 X310000-0    Ba                 013 --     f
Muidmu        2910 XAE7000-0    Ba                 000 --
Fuqui         3002 X533000-0    Ba Po              000 --     f
Nyamuleju     3003 X14046A-3    Lo Ni Po De        504 Wi     f
Raoh          3004 X555766-3    Ag                 300 Wi     f
Upaniv        3006 X567411-4    Lo Ni              203 Wi     f
Ivahllo       3007 D75635A-6    Lo Ni           B  300 Wi     f
Suhho         3008 X300000-0    Ba Va              003 --
Miz*rskua'mr  3009 X5534C8-8    C1 Lo Ni Po        202 Wi     f
Inkia         3101 X7A4000-0    Fl Ba              010 --
Yta Akat      3103 X8B0564-4    Ni De              303 Wi     f
Tullyree      3104 X235000-0    Ba                 004 --
Kukhun        3105 X658875-8                    B  803 Wi     f
Aphu          3106 X7A5000-0    Fl Ba              025 --
Llaet         3107 E587000-0    Ba                 011 Wi     f
Urssursfa'    3110 X565444-3    Lo Ni              303 Wi     f
Kumkhap       3202 X78A595-6    Ni Wa              502 Wi     f
Miha          3203 X779000-0    Ba              B  012 Wi     f
Bearnagh      3205 X64356C-5    Ni Po           B  423 Wi     f
Hillalk       3206 X100000-0    Ba Va              005 --
Chzaar        3208 X638000-0    Ba                 024 --     f
Sadetha       3210 X504000-0    Ba Va Ic           024 --

N = Naval Base
D = Naval Depot
S = Scout Base
W = Way Station
A = Navy & Scout Bases
B = Navy & Way Station

Rd = Rurevayn Domain
Na = Non-aligned
Cs = Client State
Wi = Wilds


Lancian worlds in general fared better than most during the Collapse. The different Lancian mind set with its emphasis on contribution and creativity meant that many worlds were far better able to cope since the populace was that much more willing to pull together for the common good. In particular those worlds with traditional Lancian economies found the transition the least traumatic, since they could readily redistribute their scarce resources and in some cases move to a barter economy. Another example is found in the most traditional protectionist Lancian worlds such as Pucuro and Hunnan which had always shunned high technology. In any case Tansa only had an average tech level of 9 before the Collapse.

Whilst Shiramuunir offers the best tech level/population mix of post-Collapse Tansa it is very isolated. Its main links are in to Taapvaia, not Tansa. even then it has poor connectivity and its success may be dependent on the conditions on Ellus. Kukhun would seem to be a better option, especially since it is surrounded by four receptor worlds at J-1, and J-1 connections to 15 populated worlds. The problem is with its generally isolationist attitude post-collapse, and the nature of its government. The isolationist attitude only applies to non-Lancian's, so it could form the basis of a Lancian state. Since 1135 Kukhun has been run by a psionic cabal called the Kukhunen Collective. In the dire times of the early 1130s a more dynamic government than the existing "governors" bureaucracy was required, and a psionic art collective became a major motivating force and eventually took power in a velvet revolution. The collective has attracted criticism from many quarters, and the world is as divided as it has been in 1000 years. The issue of re-expansion lies at the heart of much of this division, and even the Collective seems undecided on the best course of action.

The cluster of receptor worlds of Kell, Fubanan and Aakmi offer an attractive target to any Brinn expansion. The bread basket of Aaakmi would be especially prized, if only as a ransom. The run of fender worlds from 2704 to 3202 could form a secondary Brinn objective, with ultimate exploitation to Kukhun and its neighbouring receptor worlds. Brinn colonisation efforts could be directed towards the terraforming possibilities offered by Bradt Landing (2503), Inkia (3101), and Yta Akat (3103).

A Smrii enclave is a possibility, based on Miz*rskua'mr and Urssursfa', although it is likely to be isolated from the main centre of activity in the subsector.

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