Tsaegag Subsector in the Provence Sector

@SUB-SECTOR: sec_D   SECTOR: provence
# Trade routes within the subsector
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Khvhaergvaetso2501 C346733-A    Ag                 104 Vl     f
Ugouksnge     2509 D645541-8    Ag Ni              113 Va
Okhdzueg      2603 D886653-8    Ag Ri Ni           615 Va     f
Tsaegag       2604 C5568C5-7                    B  314 Wi     f
Oekh Dal      2706 X5738C4-4                    B  622 Wi
Gvoghaellthoe 2810 X334000-0    Ba                 002 --
Kugk          2903 X200000-0    Va Ba              002 --
Khok Ae       3003 X203000-0    Va Ic Ba           022 --
Larrothaegan  3101 X557304-2    Ni Lo              303 Wi
Uedh Kal      3108 X310000-0    Va Ba              004 --     f
Gzorrksaerr   3201 X788743-4    Ag Ri              214 Wi

G = Vargr Naval Base
C = Corsair Base

Dr = Droyne World
KV = Knokseng Confederation
Va = Independent Vargr World
Vi = Llaeghskath Interacterate
Vl = Lair Protectorate
Wi = Wilds

Tsaegag Subsector: The Tsaegag subsector has an estimated population in 1202 of approximately 936 million, a decline of 89% from its Pre-Collapse population. Oekh Dal has the highest population (600 million) while Khvhaergvaetsorrgh has the highest tech level rating (10). The Tsaegag subsector had an estimated population in 1120 of approximately 8.5 billion. Its highest population was 8 billion at Oekh Dal. Khvhaergvaetsorrgh had the highest tech level (14).

Subsector Notes:

A backwater subsector of the Empire of Varroerth, the Tsaegag subsector encountered less Vampire attacks than the average subsector. This was probably due to the low stellar density in the area. While in many cases, it only takes one attack to render catastrophic results (Gvoghaellthoe, Kugk, Khok Ae, Uedh Kal) some worlds did not suffer greatly (Khvhaergvaetsorrgh, Ugouksnge, Okhdzueg, and Tsaegag).

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