Tupindur Subsector in the Spica Sector

@SUB-SECTOR: sec_e   SECTOR: Spica
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Utopia Mines  0112 X421000-0    Ba Po              003 Un
Schemley      0113 X89A3Q2-5    Lo Ni Wa        B  215 Wi
Horizon       0217 X631000-0    Ba Po              004 Un
Theen         0220 X210000-0    Ba                 002 Un
Tern          0313 X000000-0    Ba As              010 Un
Crown         0315 X221000-0    Ba Po              000 Un
Tupindur      0317 B4436R7-9    Ni Po Hp           703 Wi
Vortex        0411 D58A8TA-6    Wa                 811 Wi
Quadrille     0415 D6457R8-4    Ag Hp           B  613 Wi
Montanna      0416 X7B0000-0    Ba De              013 Un
Smithall      0419 E7554T9-0    Lo Ni           B  303 Wi
Syrtis Nova   0512 E4412M1-6    Lo Ni Po           120 Wi
Eden          0518 X4668RB-6    Hn                 404 Wi
Shiprock      0615 X000000-0    Ba As              013 Un
Indigo        0619 E89A1O0-2    Lo Ni Wa        B  305 Wi
Blakewell     0713 E66A7U7-5    Wa                 703 Wi
Subterra      0715 X6684P6-0    Lo Ni Hp        B  120 Wi
Actinic Lambda0717 X766201-1    Lo Ni           B  324 Wi
Sunflower     0720 X5507WF-1    Po De              620 Wi
Alebee        0816 C8689WC-8    Hi              B  102 Wi
Aeolus        0817 C5557O5-6    Ag Hp              114 Wi
Jumpbuckle    0818 X200000-0    Ba Va              000 Un

A = Navy & Scout Bases
D = Naval Depot
N = Naval Base
S = Scout Base
C = Scout & Hiver Base
T = Hiver Temp Base
H = Hiver Staging Base
L = Federation Navy Base
E = Fed. Embassy Center
M = Fed. Military Base
F = Fed. Military&Navy Base
G = Solomani Navy Base

Hv = Hive Federation 
Hh = Federation Develop Agency 
Xh = FDA world outside of HF
H* = Star Patterns Trading
Hi = Six Eyes Nest
Un = Unpopulated
Wi = Wilds
Na = Non-aligned

Tupindur Subsector (Circa 1120) When first settled, the atmosphere of Tupindur (0317) was rated Standard/Tainted (7). Over the years, it has slowly lost pressure to the solar winds of Icarus, Tupindur's star. Tupindur was originally an Amazon Tupi enclave from Terra. Since then, immigration and intermarriage has reduced the original Tupi population to less than 10%. The Solomani prison planet for the sector is at Smithall (0419) and is classed an Amber Zone using TAS standards. The information on the planet reflects only the population, government and law level of the non-prison population. These inhabitants are mainly descended from former prisoner and guard population. Lambda Centauri, a Blue-White Giant star and seeming to be a paradox, is not as luminous as Spica (the star). The system (0717) is named Actinic Lambda as it is still quite a bright star. The star has a wide binary companion (G9 V) at 1500 A.U. which itself has no planetary system. Actinic does sport the ruins of an alien civilization which had existed up until the Confederation arrived. The Gerontocracy of Schemley (0113) was set aside as a sauna-like resort world for elderly Solomani Party elite when the Confederation expanded into this subsector. It has slowly evolved into a retirement world for the old cadres. The planet is conveniently a mere Jump-3 from the subsector Capital at Crown (0315). Schemley is the owner of the Utopia Mines (0112) where Confederation safety and worker regulations are barely enforced. Utopia is a reference to the wealth, not the work. The race called Ho's Sunflowers at Sunflower (0720) have no known links to the Xoar of the Spican Third Sphere (non-aligned) systems. They do however draw from solar energy, as the Xoar do. Their world is interdicted by the Solomani. In fact, information about the system can only be found through Party channels local to the subsector or through SolSec. Quadrille (0415), named for the patchwork appearance of its croplands from orbit, is an Agricultural world inhabited by minor aliens, and is a subjugated planet, forced to produce the foodstuffs for Montanna (0416), itself a harsh planet with a dangerously corrosive atmosphere. The Quadrillites are resigned to the servitude under their Solomani masters and long ago gave up the hope of even being called by their own race name, the Kantabri.

The Tupindur Subsector contains 22 systems with a known population of 21.763 billion sapients. The highest population known is 8.11 billion at Montanna. The highest Tech Level known is D at Schemley and Crown. The best Starports known are Type-A at Crown, Tupindur, and Jumpbuckle.

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