Rure Subsector in the Gushemege Sector

@SUB-SECTOR: sec_F   SECTOR: gush
# Rure
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Gakhamesh     0912 A683701-C                       100 Rd     f
Chulesh       0914 C5757B6-7    Ag In  [A7255C] R  213 Na     f
Drayrk        0920 C150655-8    Po De (Jonkeer)    103 Cs     f
Munnarn       1013 C4104A1-8    Ni              A  302 Rd     f
Usdiki        1015 A664683-C    Ri Ag Cp           913 Rd     f
Toraago       1018 A244513-A    Ag Ni              700 Rd     f
Lishuggi      1019 C565651-A  N Ri Ag  [A6473E]    314 Rd     f
Shir          1020 B1005UA-A    Ni     [A3573F]    704 Rd     f
Heffone       1118 X333575-7    Po Ni  (Droyne) A  200 Na     f
Aintrin       1119 C637650-8                    A  414 Rd     f
Vlu'da'rin    1120 X504667-9    Va Ic           R  604 Wi     f
Ushamdidishar 1213 C8D05U8-A  N Ni     [A5478D]    325 Rd     f
Chansingol    1319 X570477-7          (Jonkeer) B  212 Na     f
Platon        1412 C83A4U9-C  N Ni     [C7377G]    320 Rd     f
Lanaas        1414 X9A9000-0                       004 --     f
Guzrin        1417 X836000-0                       025 --     f
Gagushilaag   1512 A4715C2-A    Ni                 102 Rd     f
Divkar        1518 C382646-7    Ri Ni (Traypih)    214 Rd     f
Higli         1519 C5617C7-8                       700 Rd     f
Mentule       1520 C651858-7    Po                 103 Cs     f
Booce         1612 X899476-7    Ni              B  500 Na     f
Lendaarii     1613 X7A8575-5    Ni              B  102 Na     f
Abir          1615 C445618-8    Ag                 503 Cs     f
Imaparlu      1616 A556847-C  N        [A2778D]    104 Rd     f
Gabradio      1618 C610524-A           [A2575E]    335 Rd     f
Engallent     1619 C150474-A    Po     [A3676E] B  521 Rd     f
Kerek         1620 A0006U7-A    Na     [A3579E]    103 Rd     f

N = Naval Base
D = Naval Depot
S = Scout Base
W = Way Station
A = Navy & Scout Bases
B = Navy & Way Station

Rd = Rurevayn Domain
Na = Non-aligned
Cs = Client State
Wi = Wilds

"....when given a chance to behave in an unorthodox manner, Gushemege has often done so." - Naasirka Corporate History

Rurevayn is a region at the mercy of its astrographical position. First occupied by the Vilani, then the Solomani, then Aslan, then Sylea, and finally the Vilani again. Rurevayn is used to invasion and subjugation. The rebellion, with the Sector a battleground between Dulinor, Strephon, Lucan and the Ziru Sirkaa is seen as just one more example of this history. Hardly surprisingly Gushemege has developed a healthy distrust of foreign powers, and a preference to be left alone to get on with its own life. Within the Sector there is an ample variety of life and culture, who needs any more?

But somebody may asked why Rure developed not like the surrounding wilds.

As the stronghold of Strephon, Rure and surounding subsectors had been a save area. And unlike the wilds, where virus was not able to settle, it found exelent facilities, naval bases, shipyards a working economie. Those of the awaken, who not suicided in the first weeks, managed to work together to maintain, what was left after the primary infect. Vland and Ilish had seen similar developments, but without interstellar trade, high technologie like the awken need, was not posible to sustain. The decline stoped imediately within a year, when 'Muecke' and Silviana Novalis came back with a fleet of over 400 liners and traders 1138. Strephon more in fear of the Wave than of its military oponents, had distributed more JumpStart caches in the Rurevayn during the rebellion, than in any other region before 1116. The recollection of the caches, not only containing the broad knowledge of the imperial technologies, but also highly automated fabrication facilities for producing design samples, allowed Rurevayn to take a head start into a new era.

The Rurevayn can now be considered the heard of the wilds. The Gushemege Merchantile Guild founded in -327, and later restricted to covered operation, with the University at Usdiki as the only official representation, is now operating between Zho, Regina, Vland, the Hub, Diaspora and the Rim, and could be considered the largest spanning trade network of the modern times. While showing a clean skirt in Rure, its known that control of trade justifies anythink is the Guilds motto outside. So the guild takes its part in discrediting the Rurevayn, as its know of drug smuggle in the Regency and slavery in Diaspora. So farer from Rure so more often the picture of a society who managed to survive the hard times, become overlayed by rumors of humans being enslaved by vampires. And those who heard of the Rurevayn often call it the Trade Vampire.

Its not always gold, whats sheens. And those days saw as even more struggle and war of the awaken, as the years before. The conflicts settled, now only fight verbal in the Moot of JumpPorts, so Rure is anythink, but not a political stable empire.

In 1206 the Regency started to build a fleet called "Vampire Hunter" official aimed for patroling the Corridor. Moderate fractions imediate launched an diplomatic mission sending Gesmo-23C as the ambassador. So far it could be considered a failure. So Rure is now preparing for war not only in the Silkku (peoples army) for defending the home area, but also Pulehov Nunjki (foraign army) is openly discussing the anextion of the Islands as a forward defense. This hardliners attempt, that attack is the best defense, gained many of followers when an unofficial copy of a Regency Moot discussion was distributed in Rurevayn. The Regency Moot member Lu Guatney claimed `I say, nuke the site from orbit.' He is a well known RQS warhawk propagated the idea, that a clean way of disabling virus in a system also populated by humans who are living peacefull with awaken, would be to nuke the world from orbit, and to hide the fact of a human population to the ships crews.

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