Vland Subsector in the Vland Sector

@SUB-SECTOR: sec_G   SECTOR: vland
# Trade routes within the subsector
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Enaa          1716 E300100-8  O Va                 402 Zs
Vland         1717 B96799A-A  A Hi Cp              820 Zs
Kirma         1718 E797100-8  O Lo Ni              425 Zs
Sazisi        1719 X586614-8    Ag Ni              703 Wi
Anaam         1811 X424000-0    Ba                 010 --
Khusher       1813 X6A6000-0    Fl Ba              022 --
Shinla        1816 D160784-8  O De                 834 Zs
Tauri         1817 E130200-8  O Po De              220 Zs     f
Dusu          1819 X9E2000-0    Ba                 020 --
Kha           1820 X86A56D-5    Ni Wa           B  324 Wi
Giinam        1915 X265000-0    Ba                 004 --     f
Kipii         1916 X130000-0    Ba Po De           002 --
Kusheggi      1918 X496756-2    Ag              B  320 Wi
Khula         1919 X4757A8-8    Ag                 110 Wi     f
Inkha         1920 X797323-4    Lo Ni              510 Wi
Isbudin       2013 X9C5000-0    Fl Ba              023 --
Zurrian       2016 X463447-5    Lo Ni              402 Wi     f
Tahaver       2017 X769932-6    Hi              B  110 Wi     f
Lobode        2019 X554543-3    Ag Ni           B  410 Wi
Shushguum     2020 X522000-0    Ba Po              024 --
Flire         2111 X7798AE-6                    B  323 Wi
Ishala        2113 X86676A-1    Ag              B  112 Wi
Zedu Gisla    2115 X533000-0    Ba Po              001 --
Uri           2117 X313000-0    Ba Ic              020 --
Pyam          2120 X799231-0    Lo Ni           B  413 Wi
Irila         2211 D568000-0    Ba                 023 Wi     f
Ashbakha      2216 X672000-0    Ba                 001 --     f
Dangasha      2314 X35056E-0    Ni Po De        B  101 Wi
Kagush        2316 X763340-2    Lo Ni           B  204 Wi
Shudi         2319 X76686D-4                    B  425 Wi
Gidapisek     2320 X200000-0    Ba Va              010 --
Ansin         2412 X563952-6    Hi              B  720 Wi
Liisurkhish   2416 X36266A-0    Ni              B  510 Wi
Nasha         2419 E200000-8    Ba Va              010 --

A = Navy & Scout Bases
C = Corsair Base
N = Naval Base
O = Outpost
S = Scout Base

Cs = Client State
Ic = Istuary Consolidat
Na = Non-aligned
Rv = Restored Vilani Empire
V7 = Vargr (17th Disjuncture)
Wi = Wilds
Zs = Ziru Sirkaa


Vland Subsector: The Vland Subsector has an estimated population in 1202 of approximately 18.46 billion, a decline of 90 percent from its Pre-Collapse population. Its highest population is 8.76 billion at Vland, and its highest tech level is 10 at Vland.

Vland Subsector (historical): The Vland Subsector had an estimated population in 1117 of approximately 185.2 billion. Its highest population was 84.8 billion at Ansin, and its highest tech level was 15 at Vland, Kirma, Kipii, Khula, Zurrian and Flire.

Subsector Notes

This subsector is the location of the Vilani homeworld, Vland (1717). The Vilani were the first major human race to achieve interstellar and later jump flight. In the New Era, Vland is the capital of one of the sector's pocket empires.

The Vland 13th Fleet, stationed insystem during the Collapse, while considerable by Wilds standards, is but a shadow its former self. Reinforced by ships from the 71st Fleet, which came to Vland from Kagamira Subsector during the Collapse, the fleet is comprised of three carriers, eight destroyers and several squadrons of frigates and escorts.

Vland is staunchly defended from attack on all sides. The ships of the 13th Fleet, now called simply "The Vland Fleet," are constantly and vigilantly deployed to protect Mother Vland. After Vland's three orbital starport facilities were infected by Virus and came crashing through the atmosphere in 1132, killing billions, the Vilani quickly and efficiently evaluated their situation. It was determined that all non-military ships in the system bore the risk of infection. All surviving crew of those ships were immediately evacuated and their ships destroyed. Mothballed couriers were quickly refitted and sent to Luukad (the system's outermost world) where they intercepted the Vilani 71st Fleet, brought in from Centra/Kagamira to provide support against Lucan's forces to rimward. The 71st Fleet was briefed, protected against Virus and united with the remainder of the 13th Fleet to fight an all-out battle against the Vampire ships in the system. The ships of the fleet are maintained as best they can be using cannibalized and salvaged parts from destroyed higher tech starships and TL-10 equipment manufactured on Vland. Vilani scientists are on the verge of redeveloping jump-drive manufacturing capabilities.

Though the Ziru Sirkaa, or "Restored Vilani Empire," is not the star-spanning empire it once was, the central government has been maintained and is executing a program of conservative exploration and resettling of the surrounding wilds. Outposts have been set up at Enaa (1716), Kirma (1718), Shinla (1816) and Tauri (1817), providing Vland with an advanced warning courier system in the event that a Vampire Fleet invasion should occur. The goal of the Ziru Sirkaa is to "restore the old Arshukaa Sagalaa, or 'Vilani Main.'"

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