Kirzngoegh Subsector in the Tuglikki Sector

@SUB-SECTOR: sec_H   SECTOR: tuglikki
# Trade routes within the subsector
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Gaeghkurghurr 2514 X411000-0    Va,Ic,Ba           002 -- 
Kaed          2519 X000000-0    As,Va,Ba           033 --
Garghgha      2615 X9C5000-0    Fl,Ba              004 -- 
Tuengaell     2618 X7963M0-8    Ni,Lo              304 Wi 
Aek Horog     2714 X5748UD-5                    B  301 Wi 
Ghadzoull     2716 XA9A5M0-5    Wa,Aq,Ni        B  903 Wi 
Vogvakh       2717 X7A6000-0    Fl,Ba              013 -- 
Kherg         2718 X300000-0    Va,Ba              012 -- 
Ksaerraeng    2720 X232000-0    Po,Ba              004 -- 
Aedzuz        2816 X4565M0-3    Ag,Ni              204 Wi 
Ghour         2818 X1435C5-6    Ni,Po              923 Wi 
Ansazagzu     2819 D94A340-5    Wa,Ni              234 Wi 
Naerz         2820 C572645-7    Ni                 915 Wi 
Gzarrokhaz    2911 E4823M4-2    Ni,Lo              215 Wi 
Duerzduek     2919 B6445A4-4    Ag,Ni              902 Wi 
Taedhuneknae  2920 X5527TA-4    Po              B  122 Wi 
Oksanoung     3014 X240421-4    De,Po,Ni           103 Wi 
Dhuek         3016 XA996S9-2    Aq,Ni           B  402 Wi 
Vou Firs      3017 D493200-7    Ni,Lo              301 Wi 
Aessar        3018 E272321-7    Ni,Lo              502 Wi 
Goughan       3113 D3424RC-3    Po,Ni              103 Wi 
Gakeknoung    3119 X89A3M0-4    Wa,Ni,Lo           103 Wi 
Kirzngoegh    3212 X3537A4-2                    B  624 Wi 
Gerraegue     3216 D572747-7                       905 Wi 
Aekuedh       3218 D8659C3-6    Hi              B  301 Wi 
Kkur          3220 X000000-0    As,Va,Ba           011 -- 

G = Vargr Naval Base
C = Corsair Base
H = Vargr Naval & Corsair Bases

Dr = Droyne World
Va = Independent Vargr World
Wi = Wilds
V  = Virus

Kirzngoegh Subsector: The Kirzngoegh Subsector has an estimated population in 1202 of approximately 3.5 billion, a decline of 88% from its Pre-Collapse population. Aekuedh has the highest population (3 billion) while Tuengaell has the highest tech level rating (8). In 1120, the Kirzngoegh Subsector had an estimated population of approximately 30 billion. Its highest population was 10 billion at Kirzngoegh and Naerz. Kirzngoegh had the highest tech level (15).


Rebellion Era: In the early 1100's the spinward half of the subsector consisted of several moderately prosperous independent worlds. Thanks to a jump 1 route running the entire length of the rimward half of the subsector, these worlds had been trading with another for a long time. As a result, most of the worlds have reached a technological parity with one another.

Always looking for new initiates, the Empire of Varroerth began to expand in this subsector around 1100. Kirzngoegh (3212) was their base of operations, while Gzarrokhaz (2911), Goughan (3113), and Oksangoung (3014) made up the rest of the Imperial foothold. Offers of Imperial membership were extended to all worlds along the Jump 1 Main. Only 3 worlds accepted: Gerraegue (3216), Aekuedh (3218), and Gakeknoung (3119).

In 1114, further expansion was desired. The regional governor at Anghikh (Provence 415), Vog Dfoezruenkhs, came up with a new plan. He decided to turn the less prosperous worlds against the more prosperous ones. He secretly offered to build corsair bases for any of the worlds, provided that they join the Empire and use those corsair bases for attacking the prosperous worlds along the Jump 1 Main. The deal was pitched to Dhuek (3016), Vou Firs (3017), Aessar (3018), and Kkur (3220). All 4 worlds accepted. By 1120, all of the corsair bases had been built. Word of the Rebellion had also reached here. Corsairs were sent rimward to attack the Imperium as well as spinward to attack their neighbors.

New Era: The Empire began its protection racket in 1121. It offered to protect worlds from the corsairs (who were in fact sponsored by the Empire), provided that they joined the Empire. As worlds gave in, the Empire would call off the corsairs and stage a mock battle whereupon the corsairs would be "driven off." The strategy worked. Duerzduek (2919) gave up in 1124. With this agricultural exporter no longer allowed to trade with non-Empire worlds, other worlds who relied on Duerzduek fell. Taedhuneknae (2920) and Ansazagzu (2819) gave up in 1125, Ksaerraeng (2720) and Naerz (2820) in 1126.

It was with the fall of Naerz that the remaining worlds formed the Ghourghadvog Coalition, named after the 3 worlds who spearheaded the cooperation treaty. They fought back against the corsairs. A major battle occurred at Aedzuz (2816), an agricultural exporter, in 1129. A large corsair squadron was defeated by the Coalition. After this major loss, the corsairs were instructed to leave their neighbors alone for a while and concentrate on raiding the Imperium. Plans to resume expansion in 1135 were crushed when Virus invaded Anghikh and commandeered the local navy.

In 1136, a Vampire fleet made it's way here. Despite warnings from the Domain of Deneb, the inhabitants were not prepared for Virus. Besides bombing the Vargr, copies of the master Viral strain were implanted within the industrial complexes of several worlds along the Jump 1 Main. Over the next 2 decades, these "offspring" either beat the Vargr into submission or themselves were defeated. The death toll for these Vargr numbered in the tens of billions. Vampire controlled bases exist at Aek Horog (2714), Vogvakh (2717), Kherg (2718), and Ghour (2818).

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