Tobia Subsector in the Trojan Reaches Sector

@SUB-SECTOR: sec_H   SECTOR: trojan
# Trade routes within the subsector
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Pryme         2513 B48668B-A    Ag Ni Ri           405 RE
Nekrino       2515 A788400-C  N Lo Ni Tp           914 RE
Boulder       2517 D100758-A    Na Va              330 RE
Eksoset       2520 B5742G7-B    Lo Ni              703 As
Intelia       2612 C474753-6    Ag                 304 RE     f
Gor           2614 C868777-3    Ag Ri Tp        B  103 RE
Scaladon      2616 AAD98DK-B  S                 A  800 RE
Empire        2711 B679334-D  S Lo Ni Tp           703 RE
Hradus        2714 B5469B9-8    Hi In              223 RE
Hexx          2715 B78A677-D  N Ni Ri Wa        B  114 RE
Iilgan        2719 C467897-8    Ri                 312 As
Saurus        2813 A350572-B    Ni Po De        B  712 RE
971-852       2814 E78A000-0    Ba Wa              004 RE     f
Ardasii       2815 B650684-9    Ni Po De        A  210 RE
Wilderman     2819 B2016A7-D    Na Ni Va Ic        802 As
Pandora       2820 B878313-B    Lo Ni Tp           501 As
Darchona      2912 B49A843-B    Wa                 133 RE
Sabruse       2915 EAC8243-8  A Fl Lo Ni           920 RE
Imisaa        2916 B520867-7    Na Po De O:2815    113 RE     f
Fist          2918 B7896A6-D  A Ni Ri Tp           313 Cs     f
Dimorus       3011 D300761-7    Na Va O:3212       700 RE
Elphinstone   3012 B687420-B    Lo Ni Tp           614 RE
Ayidem        3013 A7407X4-E  A D:9 Po De          904 Dr
Pichot        3015 E546330-5    Lo Ni              120 RE
New           3016 D66678A-6    Ag Ri Tp           100 RE
Khaliki       3111 D111568-9    Ni Ic O:3212       215 RE
Simok         3113 CAA09A5-8    Hi De              201 RE
Attee         3116 C7529AE-4  S Hi Po              504 RE
Eshadi        3117 B431358-F  N Lo Ni Po           311 RE
New Moscow    3119 B767776-7    Ag Ri Tn        B  413 RE
Berg          3212 A675575-B  N Ag Ni Tp        B  805 RE
Kedus         3213 D867520-5    Ag Ni Tn           213 RE
Tobia         3215 A444A55-G  N Hi In              203 RE     f
Batav         3219 B5A87B6-B    Fl An              410 Na

A = Navy & Scout Bases
F = Florian Naval Base
J = Independent Naval Base
M = Military Base
N = Naval Base
P = Droyne Naval Base
R = Aslan Clan Naval Base
S = Scout Base
T = Aslan Tlaukhu Naval Base
U = Tlaukhu & Clan Naval Base
W = Way Station

RE = Regency of Deneb
A0 = Yerlyaruiwo Tlaukhu Bloc
A1 = Khaukeairl Tlaukhu Bloc
A2 = Syoisuis Tlaukhu Bloc
A3 = Tralyeaeawi Tlaukhu Bloc
A4 = Eakhtiyho Tlaukhu Bloc
A5 = Hlyueawi/Isoitiyro Tlaukhu Bloc
A6 = Uiktawa Tlaukhu Bloc
A7 = Ikhtealyo Tlaukhu Bloc
A8 = Seieakh Tlaukhu Bloc
A9 = Aokhalte Tlaukhu Bloc
As = Aslan Hierate/Colonies
Bs = Belgardian Sojourn
Cs = Client State
Dr = Droyne
Fl = Florian League
Sf = Senlis Foederate
Zh = Zhodani Consulate
Na = Non-aligned


By 1120, the entire Tobia subsector, along with the Sindal subsector to spinward, had fallen to Ihatei invasion, although most of these worlds retained human majority (though now subject) populations.

The arrival of Regency forces in 1131 was greeted with delirious joy by the human inhabitants after over a decade of Aslan occupation. The Regency no longer particularly feared full-scale war with the Aslan Hierate, and this freed it to act with a stoic confidence that it had not exhibited before, and this new confidence struck fear into the Aslan, prompting them to accept these bold acts and enter into honest negotiations. The Regency knew that Virus was by far the greatest threat, and in any event, an Aslan-Regency war would not be the last word Virus would destroy whatever victors were left behind. Besides, the Regency was essentially only restoring its antebellum boundaries, reasserting control over worlds which had traditionally been Imperial worlds until the late 1110s.

Many Aslan populations abandoned their former-Imperial conquests during this period, and on many worlds the remainder were subject to varying degrees of "justice" at the hands of their fomer subjects, which often involved simple deportation.

The Tobia subsector is defended by the 204th Fleet, headquartered at Ayidem (3013). Its frontier is part of Quarntine District 5A, spawned from RQD 5 in 1140 with the annexation of the Islands. It was clear that patrolling this new territory would overstretch the forces assigned to RQD 5, so RQD 5A was split off from it to patrol subsectors J and K and the stretch of frontier backing this area, beginning to core-trailing at Tonnurad (Reft: 0416) and running rim-spinward to the rimward end of the Regency Frontier in the Tobia subsector.

Due to the lack of adequate basing facilities in the Regency Frontier itself, the 128th Fleet is headquartered at Tobia (3215), and not in the frontier itself as is the case in RQDs 3 and 4.

[Excerpted from The Regency Sourcebook.]

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