Boreal Subsector in the Spica Sector

@SUB-SECTOR: sec_a   SECTOR: Spica
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Nereides      0122 X79A8Q3-7    Wa                 204 Wi
Kapybarrdos   0123 E7229O2-5    Na Hi In Po     B  105 Wi
Athabasca     0124 X534000-0    Ba                 000 Un
Newbandar     0125 E2505O0-4    Ni Po De           400 Wi
Cook's World  0127 E47A6RE-4    Ni Wa              600 Wi
Cataldyne     0129 E2476T5-6    Ag Ni Hp           803 Wi
Yingyang      0130 D4454M0-3    Lo Ni Hp        B  420 Wi
Spekle        0222 X424000-0    Ba                 000 Un
Hialbedo      0227 X86A3T4-6    Lo Ni Wa           325 Wi
Massive       0228 DA978T7-6                    B  603 Wi
Hommonculus   0321 D596102-6    Lo Ni              204 Wi
Renfrew       0322 D8678V7-7                    B  312 Wi
Striped       0323 X4505P2-5    Ni Po De           304 Wi
Smudge        0325 E2445T7-4    Ag Ni Hp           412 Wi
Hummongus     0328 DA889WB-5    Hi              B  100 Wi
Hue           0329 D4568WB-7    Hp                 110 Wi
Arquiro       0429 D7B06RC-5    Ni De           B  811 Wi
Renascence    0522 E7769VA-3    Hi In           B  112 Wi
Aureal        0523 D4793M4-6    Lo Ni Hp           504 Wi
Port Arthur   0621 X662101-8    Lo Ni              200 Wi
Taniaustralis 0622 DA697R8-8                    B  623 Wi
Boreal        0623 X330000-0    Ba Po De           005 Un
Tigr          0626 D8C4AW8-8    Fl Hi           B  103 Wi
Twilight Belts0725 X000000-0    Ba As              014 Un
Tawny Belt    0727 X000000-0    Ba As              002 Un
Little Jove   0728 DAE58VE-5                    B  110 Wi
Vitek         0822 X100000-0    Ba Va              003 Un
Adobe         0823 X7657S8-1    Ag St           B  300 Wi
Ravenwood     0824 C3836N5-3    C:0 Ni An       B  603 Wi
Mannford      0828 X377102-0    Lo Ni Hp           210 Wi
Spires        0829 X201000-0    Ba Va Ic           003 Un
Cheyenne Wells0830 X230000-0    Ba Po De           013 Un

A = Navy & Scout Bases
D = Naval Depot
N = Naval Base
S = Scout Base
C = Scout & Hiver Base
T = Hiver Temp Base
H = Hiver Staging Base
L = Federation Navy Base
E = Fed. Embassy Center
M = Fed. Military Base
F = Fed. Military&Navy Base
G = Solomani Navy Base

Hv = Hive Federation 
Hh = Federation Develop Agency 
Xh = FDA world outside of HF
H* = Star Patterns Trading
Hi = Six Eyes Nest
Un = Unpopulated
Wi = Wilds
Na = Non-aligned

Boreal Subsector (Circa 1120) As an important Solomani subsector, Boreal is also one of the key gateways to Spica sector. Boreal (0623) the world, is the subsector capital and sector corporate headquarters for Transstar, the largest Solomani transportation company and a Party subsidiary. Their frontier terminus is J-3 beyond into the Flux subsector. The Kapybare, named by Tupi explorers (who eventually settled Tupindur [0317]), are very close in all respects to the Terran South American rodents. One story goes that the Tupi actually released them on Kapybarrdos (0123), but is widely dismissed given the advanced state of that alien society (TL6). Nereides (0122), a water world one parsec from Kapybarrdos, is also the home of an alien race, the Nereidians. Being aquatic and considering their extreme law level, it is no surprise that few contacts have been made with this race. In the early days of the Solomani colonization/expansion into the sector, it has been said that a crack dolphin Scout team had disappeared here, but this has remained an unsubstantiated rumor to this day.

The Boreal Subsector contains 32 systems with a known population of 21.484 billion sapients. The highest population known is 9.50 billion at Tigr. The highest Tech Level known is E at Boreal. The best Starports known are Type-A at Athabasca, Hialbedo and Boreal.

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