Dzarrvaer Subsector in the Provence Sector

@SUB-SECTOR: sec_I   SECTOR: provence
# Trade routes within the subsector
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Thagaers      0127 X4537S9-7                    B  823 Wi
Ghourknodz    0130 X79A4M6-0    Wa Ni              301 Wi
Llaedkher     0222 X5463C5-2    Ni Lo              315 Wi
Dzarrvaer     0225 X7668A4-6                    B  903 Wi     f
Ghourrgadz    0227 X256640-1    Ni                 903 Wi
Oetsorkeda    0230 X9B7000-0    Fl Ba              014 --
Rrukagae      0321 X529000-0    Ba                 014 --
Oth Uegaen    0325 C688542-7    Ag                 513 KV     f
Ughtuerz      0328 X759101-2    Ni Lo              301 Wi
Gvousaegh     0329 DA983R7-5    Ni Lo              323 Wi
Okhskhun      0421 D3546A6-6    Ag Ni              901 KV     f
Knokseng      0422 B7859A8-A    Hi Cx              402 KV
Lugh          0423 CA8A457-9    Wa Ni           B  212 KV     f
Turz          0427 X5447A4-2    Ag                 223 Wi
Tuerrg        0428 X5659U8-3    Hi                 114 Wi
Aezorr        0430 X3547S9-7    Ag                 512 Wi
Anakae        0523 D66A540-7    Wa Ni              325 KV
Oksruenvae    0526 D6544RE-4    Ni              B  304 KV
Gnerang       0527 C8979C8-7    In Hi           B  702 KV
Gvae          0624 B544645-8    Ag Ni              814 KV
Kas           0627 X000000-0    As Ba              014 KV
Ungokhton     0628 B571620-9    Ni                 100 KV
Kvae          0629 X100000-0    Va Ba              004 --
Fakor         0723 X4656M0-2    Ag Ni              901 Wi
Darz          0728 C654842-9                    B  722 KV
Rruefaez      0729 X75A100-3    Wa Ni Lo           402 Wi
Khsa          0822 X121000-0    Po Ba              004 --
Kouk          0823 X210000-0    Va Ba              012 --
Knoekhs       0826 X224000-0    Ba                 004 --
Aruekhoe      0828 D676754-8    Ag                 303 KV
Dhoenggo      0829 X6788U6-3                       704 Wi
Kvoen         0830 X111000-0    Va Ic Ba           011 --

G = Vargr Naval Base
C = Corsair Base

Dr = Droyne World
KV = Knokseng Confederation
Va = Independent Vargr World
Vi = Llaeghskath Interacterate
Vl = Lair Protectorate
Wi = Wilds

Dzarrvaer Subsector: The Dzarrvaer Subsector has an estimated population in 1202 of approximately 16 billion, a decline of 85.5% from its Pre-Collapse population. Gnerang has the highest population (7 billion). Knokseng has the highest tech level rating (10). The Dzarrvaer subsector had an estimated population in 1120 of approximately 114 billion. Its highest population was 60 billion at Tuerrg, which shared highest tech level honors with Dzarrvaer (15).

KV allegiance code impact upon government code in UWP (NOTE: UWP codes listed in the data here have been altered to comply with GALACTIC. The true values may be converted here or examined on the Web at

0 Anarchy 1 Tribal Government 2 Direct Democracy 3 Charismatic Dictatorship (Low Law Level tendencies) 4 Representative Democracy 5 Technocratic Oligarchy (no GALACTIC equivalent) 6 Technologically Elevated Dictator (Law Level DM corresponds accordingly) 7 Balkanization (no clear "leading" nation) 8 Charismatic Dictatorship (High Law Level tendencies) 9 Charismatic Oligarchy A Civil Service Bureaucracy B Self-Perpetuating Oligarchy C Impersonal Bureaucracy D Religious/Mystic Dictatorship/Autocracy (any of 4 possible combinations)

The dual appearance of Charismatic Dictatorship reflects the local Vargr preference to follow governments of this type.

B in the PPG column continues to stand for Balkanized.

Subsector Notes:

The home of the Dzarrgh Federate during the last decades of the Third Imperium, this subsector enjoyed prosperity through trade with its neighboring states and the Imperium itself. When the Rebellion broke out and the Corridor fleet was removed, the Vargr interpreted this as a sign of weakness. Greed overcame them and their neighbors. They drove rimward and began their plunder of Corridor. Imperial booty was hauled back home and prosperity continued in a different way. This greed was their undoing as the raiders brought back infected equipment and ships. Virus consumed these worlds just as these worlds had consumed the Imperial worlds in Corridor.

Amazingly enough, many worlds in this subsector fought successfully against Virus. Although 100 billion Vargr died, the population today is over 16 billion. 12 worlds have functional starports. After a couple of decades of defending their homeworlds, these worlds, isolated from the next by no more than 2 parsecs began to cooperate with one another. In the spirit of the old Dzarrgh Federate, a new interstellar state was formed, the Knokseng Confederation.

The Knokseng Confederation isn't much more that a support group in the year 1202. Member worlds trade with one another and share in the patrol duties, ever alert for possible Vampire fleets. The links between these worlds is tenuous at best. A patrol even monitors the dead Kas (627) system in case any Vampire ships attempt to refuel at the gas giants.

A critical juncture in this chain lies at Oksruenvae (526). This world is the coreward link to the rimward portion of the chain. It lies 2 parsecs away from both Oth Uegaen (325) and Gvae (624). If it were to fall, the rimward chain would be seperated from the coreward portion by 3 parsecs. Ships that can make that leap are even fewer in supply than the Jump 2 ships. For this reason, the oppressive T.E.D. in command of this world is tolerated. The Knokseng Confederation maintains a non-interference policy. So long as the T.E.D. keeps the starport open and doesn't attack any off-worlders, they'll leave him alone. There are several factions that war on and off with the T.E.D. but none has been successful enough in defeating him.

Future Plans of the Knokseng Confederation:

1. Scout out and survey an area of 5 parsecs in all directions and look for survivors and reestablish contact with them. 2. Invite recovered worlds (those still not heavily infested with Virus) into the Confederation, i.e. Dzarrvaer. 3. Establish a permanent presence at Kas to support area patrols. 4. Upgrade infrastructure and education of current member worlds to TL-8, 9, & 10. 5. Upgrade all starports to at least a "C" rating.

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