Nora'a Subsector in the Trojan Reaches Sector

@SUB-SECTOR: sec_I   SECTOR: trojan
# Trade routes within the subsector
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Attye         0122 A8605M3-D    Ni De              513 As
Ahaikhea      0126 B4224K3-9  R Lo Ni Po           101 As
Eawatrye      0127 A8B57K6-D  R Fl                 903 As
Tyea'ih       0129 B5488M9-E                       705 As
Olauh         0130 B1018L8-E    Na Va Ic           802 A8
Dalfi         0222 C750445-A    Lo Ni Po De        110 As
Khtelatloilr  0223 A2235J6-C  R Ni Po              404 As
Ewoiftoil     0224 B5468K6-A                       210 As
H'a           0227 D6574K9-6    Lo Ni Tp           802 As
Hreahrya      0229 B333AH9-D    Na Hi Po        B  124 As
Nora'a        0321 A485645-9    Ag Ni Ri           900 As
Iryao         0322 A5588K8-E  R                    420 As
Suiaoir       0328 B6513G7-E    Lo Ni Po           404 As
Hkaha         0329 C8976K6-A    Ag Ni Tp           703 As
Khtyekt       0425 B2006H5-8  R Na Ni Va        B  613 As
Osototail     0426 D5508N7-C    Po De              504 As
Aowaih        0429 B5868K7-C  R Ri                 523 As
Khi           0430 B9875N8-C  U Ag Ni Tp           911 As
Vadada        0523 A4109L6-F  T Na Hi In           802 A1
Elihfoirl     0525 A1532K6-D  R Lo Ni Po           201 As
Ftaleirl      0528 B6303JA-6    Lo Ni Po De        502 As
Oihyeti'he    0529 B7798H5-E    Tp              B  703 As
Souflea       0530 A2517K4-D  R Po                 801 As
Sei'eal       0628 B5108M6-A    Na                 500 As
Tanar         0722 D787740-8    Ag Ri Tp An        120 Na
Lafkin        0724 D77A846-8    Wa                 602 Na
Woilreawau    0727 B1008N5-E  R Na Va              503 As
Uao           0729 C6A25L6-8  T Fl Ni              702 A5
Eahaw         0823 B5233N7-D    Lo Ni Po        R  413 As
Yaeawaokh     0824 B1307LB-E  T Na Po De           400 A9
Alirar        0825 A3555HA-C  R Ag Ni           B  913 As
Ehaealir      0829 B6365HB-9    Ni              B  210 As

A = Navy & Scout Bases
F = Florian Naval Base
J = Independent Naval Base
M = Military Base
N = Naval Base
P = Droyne Naval Base
R = Aslan Clan Naval Base
S = Scout Base
T = Aslan Tlaukhu Naval Base
U = Tlaukhu & Clan Naval Base
W = Way Station

RE = Regency of Deneb
A0 = Yerlyaruiwo Tlaukhu Bloc
A1 = Khaukeairl Tlaukhu Bloc
A2 = Syoisuis Tlaukhu Bloc
A3 = Tralyeaeawi Tlaukhu Bloc
A4 = Eakhtiyho Tlaukhu Bloc
A5 = Hlyueawi/Isoitiyro Tlaukhu Bloc
A6 = Uiktawa Tlaukhu Bloc
A7 = Ikhtealyo Tlaukhu Bloc
A8 = Seieakh Tlaukhu Bloc
A9 = Aokhalte Tlaukhu Bloc
As = Aslan Hierate/Colonies
Bs = Belgardian Sojourn
Cs = Client State
Dr = Droyne
Fl = Florian League
Sf = Senlis Foederate
Zh = Zhodani Consulate
Na = Non-aligned


During the Ihatei invasions before the Collapse, the Aslan overran Florian League worlds, Nora'a (0321), Attye (0122) and Vadada (0523).

Vadada was taken by a joint Yerlyaruiwo and Khaukeairl Aslan military force. Formerly a world of the Florian League, Vadada was defended by a powerful naval force, bolstered by the power of recovered Ancient weapons and black globes. Sheer numbers won out for the Aslan, however with Vadada falling to them in early 1120. Eventually, the Khaukeairl clan assumed full control over the world. The clan of pomp and circumstance, the Khaukeairl have never shirked from an opportunity to boast about this jewel in their crown. It is uncertain how much Ancient technology was captured by the Aslan when they conquered Vadada, but considering that they have maintained its TL-15 rating, it is safe to say that some form of artificial support has aided their cause.

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