Yuhiyah Subsector in the Riftspan Reaches Sector

@SUB-SECTOR: sec_I   SECTOR: riftspan
# Trade routes within the subsector
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Khtyeai       0124 A6455L6-B    Ag Ni              202 A8     f
Uistihwoa     0630 C7672N9-B    Lo Ni              120 As     f
Teirikh       0722 A5478HC-E  T                    311 As     f

R = Clan Base
T = Tlaukhu Base
U = Tlaukhu and Clan Base

Na = Non-aligned
A0 = Yerlyaruiwo Tlaukhu bloc
A1 = Khaukeairl Tlaukhu bloc
A2 = Syoisuis Tlaukhu bloc
A3 = Tralyeaeawi Tlaukhu bloc
A4 = Eakhtiyho Tlaukhu bloc
A5 = Hlyueawi Tlaukhu bloc
A7 = Ikhtealyo Tlaukhu bloc
A8 = Seieakh Tlaukhu bloc
A9 = Aokhalte Tlaukhu bloc
As = Aslan
Wi = Wilds
-- = Uninhabited


Yuhiyah Subsector Notes

The remoteness of the Yuhiyah subsector has protected it from Virus. Unfortunately, this remoteness has also isolated it from Aslan commerce as well. The worlds were given ample notice about the Quarantine and warned that unless they got the annual Virus inspection, they would not be allowed to enter the rest of the Riftspan Reaches Hierate. Still, these Aslan refuse to abandon the worlds claimed by their clans.

Since commercial traffic was almost nil to begin with, worlds in Yuhiyah subsector are used to going out and acquiring their own supplies. When buyers arrive at Trahoheair (1118) they are thoroughly inspected before being allowed access to the starport.

6 parsecs away from Trahoheair, is Teirikh (722), a world with sufficient resources to stay alive despite negligible off-world commerce. 6 parsecs spinward of Teirikh is the Seieakh clan world of Khtyeai (124). The Seieakh of Khtyeai get their off-world supplies from their brethren on Teirikh. Both worlds have made preserving the A rating of their starports a top priority.

9 parsecs (29.34 light years) rimward of both worlds is Uistihwoa (630). Although technically in this subsector, Uistihwoa dealt with the worlds in Ftyoauial subsector, which were closer. Once every couple of years, a ship would visit Teirikh to pick up supplies. The last ship visited in 1165. Radio transmissions continued however. Listening posts have been able to discern that all but one of the few long range ships Uistihwoa had have been lost.

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