Ranib Subsector in the Trojan Reaches Sector

@SUB-SECTOR: sec_M   SECTOR: trojan
# Trade routes within the subsector
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Ftewiri       0132 B4564LA-E  T Lo Ni              120 A7
Elahkoi       0134 C5685M7-B  R Ag Ni              722 As
Ulwuar        0135 B1011G5-E    Lo Ni Va Ic        605 As
Ealea         0139 B5765K7-9    Ag Ni              200 As
Yekhtia       0232 B2233H6-B    Lo Ni Po        B  211 As
Aehahr        0234 B1004M9-C    Lo Ni Va           522 As
Floakh        0236 E673AHC-C  T C:3 Hi In Tp    B  200 As
Aohfeau       0240 B9988M4-A  R Tp                 220 As
Hkesuh        0332 BAA07K8-B    De                 122 As
Eaweiya       0335 A5406L7-A  T Ni Po De           610 A2
Awo           0336 C8303G6-C    Lo Ni Po De        724 As
Aiyostea      0338 B2006JB-B    Na Ni Va           805 As
Hfa'yuweas    0431 B5553J8-C    Lo Ni              305 As
Oseweheal     0531 B79A6N7-E  R Ni Wa              303 As
Uaeakhea      0534 B5301K9-6  R Lo Ni Po De An     614 As
Tehari        0536 C6544M3-B    Lo Ni Tp           620 As
Ehearye       0633 A5887H9-C  U Ag Ri           B  230 As
Iysewekh      0640 A6205LA-E  R Ni Po De           504 A3
Eiwakh        0738 C2007H7-A    Na Va           B  200 As
Hkeleiakh     0739 C110000-0    Lo Ni           R  705 As
Stohyus       0835 A5678N6-E  R C:4 Ri             902 As
Hkakh         0837 A3245J6-E  R Ni                 704 As
Ohtae         0839 B6651M8-9    Lo Ni Tp           903 As
Uitasoayaw    0840 B5796J7-9  R Ni                 103 As

A = Navy & Scout Bases
F = Florian Naval Base
J = Independent Naval Base
M = Military Base
N = Naval Base
P = Droyne Naval Base
R = Aslan Clan Naval Base
S = Scout Base
T = Aslan Tlaukhu Naval Base
U = Tlaukhu & Clan Naval Base
W = Way Station

RE = Regency of Deneb
A0 = Yerlyaruiwo Tlaukhu Bloc
A1 = Khaukeairl Tlaukhu Bloc
A2 = Syoisuis Tlaukhu Bloc
A3 = Tralyeaeawi Tlaukhu Bloc
A4 = Eakhtiyho Tlaukhu Bloc
A5 = Hlyueawi/Isoitiyro Tlaukhu Bloc
A6 = Uiktawa Tlaukhu Bloc
A7 = Ikhtealyo Tlaukhu Bloc
A8 = Seieakh Tlaukhu Bloc
A9 = Aokhalte Tlaukhu Bloc
As = Aslan Hierate/Colonies
Bs = Belgardian Sojourn
Cs = Client State
Dr = Droyne
Fl = Florian League
Sf = Senlis Foederate
Zh = Zhodani Consulate
Na = Non-aligned


Ranib subsector is one of the more remote regions of the territory the Aslan Ihatei conquered during the Rebellion. Clan dominance of the region is diffuse, resulting from the fact that this was one of the first regions they conquered during the Aorlakht invasion. Eager to usurp this poorly defended region, Aslan from a multitude of clans burst into the systems of Ranib and lay down their roots. Owing to the large number of clans present here, the politics of the region are particularly convoluted, but surprisingly the region suffers little from internecine warfare.

The Ikhtealyo clan of Ftewiri (0132) has historically been motivated by establishing strong trade ties and building a healthy peacetime economy. Clan members on this world have been actively trying to build consensus on efforts to develop lasting trade ties between all the Ihatei who have settled this region in an agreement known as the Ranib Concord.

The Ikhtealyo have had a great deal of success collaborating with the Tralyeaeawi clan contingent at Iysewekh (0640), but the Syoisuis of Eaweiya (0335) have proven to be somewhat of a stumbling block. The Syoisuis do not seem terribly interested in subscribing to a plan that they did not author and have been actively involved in trying to subvert attempts by the tiny Ikhtealyo contingent to build the Concord.

The de facto Tlaukhu headquarters of the subsector, Floakh (0236) is complacent on the issue. The reigning Tlaukhu council there, dominated by an alliegance of the Khaukheairl and Hlyueawi clans seems more interested in collaborating on an arms build-up for an eventual trans-rift crossing back into the old Hierate. The poor starport quality of the planet gives them little ability to manufacture new transport for such a venture, but they have willing Tlaukhu shipyards at Ehearye (0633) that are spending copious resources building warships for the planned crusade to reconquer traditional Aslan territory.

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