String of Pearls Subsector in the Yiklerzdanzh Sector

@SUB-SECTOR: sec_M   SECTOR: yiklerzd
# Trade routes within the subsector
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Tavrniaplcha  0134 X445000-0    Ba                 002 Na     f
Viezhzdi' Shta0137 C3117DD-7  M Ic Na              204 Na     f
Plafrezhdish  0138 D330233-E    De Po Lo Ni        625 Na     f
Klenjzhdont   0139 X592000-0    Ba                 002 Na     f
Quicksilver   0233 X796000-0    Ba              R  010 Na     f
Zdaplaftliavr 0235 X221000-0    Ba Po              002 Na
Chablzhdia    0236 E655323-6    Lo Ni              720 Na     f
Zdalzi        0237 B688975-7    Hi                 903 Na     f
Dranshiqlbi'  0239 B485744-5    Ag Ri D3           610 Na     f
Zdemedre      0332 D424414-A    Lo Ni              335 Na     f
Vrontliedl    0338 X100000-0    Ba Va              003 Na     f
Denzjdetlizh  0340 X778000-0    Ba                 010 Na     f
Fair Deal     0431 B402771-7    Ic Na Va        R  804 TL     f
Fliblshichtia 0434 B678755-9    Ag                 822 Na     f
Bliazheprvlaf 0435 C473233-E    Lo Ni              604 Na     f
Jdakrief      0439 B35666B-B    Ag Ni Pr O:0638    934 Na     f
Chtashekldlanz0534 D452375-9    Lo Ni Po           905 Na     f
Siezhdaniapl  0536 X6A2000-0    Ba Fl              022 Na
Chiabenshzdol 0538 X320000-0    Ba De Po           002 Na
Dliatlirets   0540 X5527A9-0    Po C2              204 Na     f
Chaos Fallen  0631 A0009A6-C  T As Hi In Na        732 TL     f
Candlelight   0632 C110497-B    Ni Lo              520 TL     f
Sitiefladr    0638 A2679BB-B  M Hi                 613 Na     f
Jansaze'      0640 X642000-0    Ba Po              002 Na     f
Ziedrdazonch  0731 X100000-0    Ba Va              004 Na
Friaprchivzhdo0738 E588600-6    Ag Ni C4        A  803 Na     f
Chezh Daznish 0833 B526686-8  M Ni                 322 Na     f
Didtayinzhial 0834 E9D8564-1    Ni O:0833          713 Na     f
Zdoblze       0835 X000000-0    Ba As              022 Na     f
Qriensh Jdazh 0837 C544476-9    Lo Ni              612 Na     f
Whahwhiv      0839 D79A440-B    Lo Ni Wa           732 TC     f

* = Meichntid Ibl Military Base
A = Akigura Union Base
C = Carillon Military Base
I = Izrats Kriezhlas Unity
J = Glenauran Signatorate Base
K = SUraak Military Base
M = Independant Military Base
P = Droyne Naval Base
Q = Droyne Garrison
T = Talpaku Military Base
X = Zhodani Relay Route
Y = Zhodani Depot
Z = Zhodani Navy

AU = Akigura Union
CA = Carillon Harmonies
Cc = Carillon Client State
Dr = Droyne World
Gs = Glenauran Signatorate
Ic = Izrats Kriezhlas Client State
Iz = Izrats Kriezhlas Unity
Mc = Meichntid Ibl Client State
Mi = Meichntid Ibl
Na = Non-aligned
SC = Salinaikin Concordance
Sr = S'raak Empire
TC = Talpaku Client State
TL = Talpaku Communality
Zh = Zhodani Consulate

String of Pearls (Yiklerzdanzh Subsector M) as at 1201 by Grant Sinclair Date: 20 January 1995


The String of Pearls subsector contains 31 worlds with a total population of 23.960 billion. The highest population is at Zdalzi, with 9.1 billion. The highest tech level is E at Plafrezhdish and Bliazheprvlaf, while the lowest is 1 at Didtayinzhial. The population is comprised of about 38% Zdalzi, 32% Talpaku, 28% human of Zhodani stock and 2% other (e.g. Dliatlirets, Carillon, Izrats Kriezhlas and Solomani/Vilani).

Worlds generated according to World Tamer's Handbook where applicable and World Builders Handbook otherwise. Note that atmospheric taints generated using WBH, since World Tamer's is intended only for worlds already known to be habitable.

This document is not intended to infringe on any rights of the copyright owner of Traveller. The owner of the copyright of Traveller may use any material contained herein at whim, without need for payment (though acknowledgement would be nice!).

String of Pearls Subsector Overview

Demography: "String of Pearls" is a backwater subsector. The three main powers of the subsector are the Talpaku Communality (see HD 7C01), with three settled worlds and considerable influence; the Zhodani Consulate, with two scientific research bases and enough visits to remind the locals of its power; and Sitiefladr, a powerful, expansionist world, with one colony world already.

Trade Routes: There is a jump-2 "main" from Zdalzi (0237) to Dranshiqlbi' (0239) to Quicksilver (0439) to Sitiefladr (0638) and ending at Qriensh Jdazh (0837). The worlds along this "main" were dubbed the "String of Pearls" and the subsector is now known by this name. This "main" extends via Dlarashtsalash subsector to the Izrats Kriezhlas Unity, Talpaku Communality, Meichntid Ibl and the Zhodani Consulate.

A short cut to the Talpaku Communality exists from Qriensh Jdazh (0837) to Chezh Daznish (0833) via Zdoblze (0835). Since pirates sometimes take advantage of the fact that Zdoblze is uninhabited to prey on such shipping, it is used less frequently than the normal "main".

Talpaku involvement: The Talpaku regard the subsector as their "back yard" and object to Zhodani meddling, particularly the Zhodani "research stations". They repeatedly demand their closure. Note that the Talpaku worlds are named for the Galanglic translations of the meaning of their actual Talpaku names.

Zhodani involvement: The Zhodani have no apparent territorial intentions, excepting that they wish to curb any that the Talpaku might have. The main interests are scientific and commercial.

Library Data

Lost Treasure: Rumours of lost treasure hoards and private mines on the barren worlds have been circulating for centuries, supposedly established by smugglers, pirates and/or merchants attempting tax avoidance. Occasionally, a treasure hunter will set up an expedition to seek such a find, but these are usually fruitless. It is a standing joke that there is at least one person in every starport of the subsector who makes a living solely by selling treasure maps.

Piracy: There has always been piratical activity in the subsector. Some pirates lay in wait in barren or low tech systems, waiting for a merchant ship to stop for refuelling; merchants have responded by travelling in groups where possible. In times of particularly bad pirate activity, some groups hire mercenary cruisers to protect them.

The most famous pirates are the "professionals", who make most of their living that way. The most frequent are apparently normal merchants who do a bit of piracy on the side, when money is short.

The most famous pirate operating in the area at the moment is Khetwhachi Blackeye, a dark eccentric Talpak inspired by stories of buccaneers on ancient Terra. He dresses up in full regalia, complete with black patch over one eye, cutlass and a plastic parrot on his shoulder. His operations are so unpredictable that he has never been captured. His personality fluctuates widely, including a psychopathic Bluebeard type, a bumbling, jocular Walter Mitty type and a debonair Errol Flynn type. People tell jokes about him, partly because few survive the Bluebeard phases to tell the tale and partly as a way of psychologically coping with danger.

Referees may play him for fun or danger as they desire.

Driantia Sitiefladr: After the First Frontier War (589-604), elements of the Iadr Nsobl province wanted intelligence regarding the sectors to rimward. This led to explorations into various rimward sectors, particularly the Vanguard Reaches. In 626, a state called the Driantia Steblenzhtia in the Vanguard Reaches was established to further these aims.

In 631, the Zhodani Consulate decided to set up another such state, further to spinward. In addition to the aims of the Driantia Steblenzhtia, this state (to be known as the Driantia Sitiefladr) would also be a buffer state to prevent expansion of the Talpaku Communality. The worlds of Sitiefladr and Friaprchivzhdo were colonised in 633, with the former to be the industrial heart and capital of the state and the latter the breadbasket. It was intended that the state would expand further into subsector M and then spinward/rimward into nearby parts of Tsadra, Shiants (Astron) and Chtedrdia (Fulani) sectors.

By the mid 600's, the Consulate had second thoughts. It was decided that the Unity would be an excellent buffer state (at least for the short term), so the Driantia Sitiefladr project was abandoned. Resources were diverted from it to the Seventh Core Expedition (then in planning stages) and the two systems were left virtually alone, to expand as best they could.

Small colonies were established on various worlds in the rimward part of this subsector and the coreward part of Fulani subsector A by 687. In that year, a coup on Sitiefladr replaced the government with a harsh dictatorship, which quickly became corrupt and influenced by criminal elements. Over the centuries that followed, criminal elements increasingly gained control.

The government began directing its energies on shorter term projects and personal gain, abandoning the still heavily dependant smaller colonies in 695 to the fate. No attempt was made to rescue the inhabitants and so each colony collapsed, usually to oblivion. In 861, the economy of Friaprchivzhdo collapsed and triggered great problems in that of Sitiefladr. The Driantia Sitiefladr, if it had ever truly existed, was dead.

Alnlinam: This B0 1a star, also known as Epsilon Orionis, is the central star of the "belt" of the Terran constellation of Orion (the Hunter). It lies about 460 parsecs rimward of Terra. The name is Arabic, referring to the belt of Orion as a "string of pearls". There is obviously no connection with the name of the subsector.

This fact could be worked into an adventure somehow. Perhaps a patron is a linguist looking at the original of some old documents and realises that an entry has been mistranslated to Epsilon Orionis, too far away to be worth worrying about, when in fact the reference is to this subsector. He or she could decide to mount an expedition, hiring the party.

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