Dlarashtsalash Subsector in the Yiklerzdanzh Sector

@SUB-SECTOR: sec_N   SECTOR: yiklerzd
# Trade routes within the subsector
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Majdr         0934 C7B6345-7    Fl Lo Ni           804 Na     f
Vledriant     0940 X210000-0    Ba                 023 Na
Yellow Ocean  1031 A89A728-9    Wa                 904 CA     f
Satsva        1035 B00068A-9    As Na Ni           322 Na     f
Rajash        1036 B85A475-B    Ni Wa Lo           403 Na     f
Ishnad        1037 C634520-6    Ni                 624 Na     f
Hard Air      1132 AAD6949-C  C Hi                 210 CA     f
Cauldron      1133 A8A3726-C    Fl                 611 CA     f
Sanzhkria     1136 X735000-0    Ba                 002 Na
Melchizhdrenk 1139 C876599-7    Ag Ni              324 Na     f
Winters Blanke1231 B62A8AA-B    Wa                 601 CA     f
Vriasheshki   1237 B56368A-A    Ni Ri              901 Na     f
Pranjadraparat1239 X301200-5    Ic Lo Ni Va        313 Na     f
Sokr Jakkia   1338 E54846A-6    Ni Lo O:1438       624 Na     f
Merikrer      1431 X402000-0    Ba Ic Va           002 Na     f
Ravlda        1435 C698234-7    Lo Ni              100 Na     f
Brinzhianzh   1437 B867689-A    Ag Ni Ri An        201 Iz     f
Jonjivr       1438 AAD5254-E  Z Lo Ni Rs Cp        604 Iz     f
Forge         1531 C10066D-7  M Na Ni Va O:1631 A  120 Na     f
Sesh          1532 X100000-0    Ba Va              021 Na
Drianshstitl  1537 B561789-9    Ri                 603 Iz     f
Fretstlapl    1538 B2529CB-C    Hi Po              703 Iz     f
Hammer        1631 B5527AD-9  M Po              A  814 Na     f
Yojidrishtats 1632 X200000-0    Ba Va              000 Na
Zdantsplitskli1636 B869582-B  I Ni                 220 Iz     f
Sejchiet      1639 A586AC8-E  Z Hi D0              925 Iz     f

* = Meichntid Ibl Military Base
A = Akigura Union Base
C = Carillon Military Base
I = Izrats Kriezhlas Unity
J = Glenauran Signatorate Base
K = SUraak Military Base
M = Independant Military Base
P = Droyne Naval Base
Q = Droyne Garrison
T = Talpaku Military Base
X = Zhodani Relay Route
Y = Zhodani Depot
Z = Zhodani Navy

AU = Akigura Union
CA = Carillon Harmonies
Cc = Carillon Client State
Dr = Droyne World
Gs = Glenauran Signatorate
Ic = Izrats Kriezhlas Client State
Iz = Izrats Kriezhlas Unity
Mc = Meichntid Ibl Client State
Mi = Meichntid Ibl
Na = Non-aligned
SC = Salinaikin Concordance
Sr = S'raak Empire
TC = Talpaku Client State
TL = Talpaku Communality
Zh = Zhodani Consulate

Dlarashtsalash (Yiklerzdanzh Subsector N) as at 1201 by David Thornell and Corran Webster Date: 25 February 1996


The Dlarashtsalash subsector contains 26 worlds with a total population of 106.586 billion. The highest population is at Sejchiet, with 91.6 billion. The highest tech level is E at both Sejchiet and Jonjivr, while the lowest is 5 at Pranjadraparats. The population comprises about 10% racial Zhodani, 79% Izrats Kriezhlas Vlazhdumecta, 5% Carillon and 6% other races. Izrats Kriezhlas/Zhodani/Solomani hybrids are usually considered Izrats Kriezhlas.

Worlds generated according to World Tamer's Handbook where applicable and World Builders Handbook otherwise. Note that atmospheric taints generated using WBH, since World Tamer's is intended only for worlds already known to be habitable.

This document is not intended to infringe on any rights of FarFuture Enterprises.

Dlarashtsalash Subsector Overview

The Dlarashtsalash were an ishikin group of minor Izrats Kriezhlas Houses who colonised the spinward areas of this subsector in the mid -4000's. Their descendants still populate these scattered worlds. The Izrats Kriezhlas Unity holds six systems in the trailing-rimward corner of the subsector. They are the descendants of the main Vlazhdumecta colony almost 6,000 years ago.

Protruding in from the coreward edge, the Carillon Harmonies has four major worlds. Considerable trade (mostly jump-2) flows through the region, heading for the Izrats Kriezhlas Unity to rimward and to the Talpaku Communality, Meichntid Ibl and Zhodani Consulate to coreward. A Jump-3 divide blocks easy trade to trailing.

Two worlds to trailing of the Carillon worlds hold a colony of Solomani fanatics who settled there in the early 500's.

Library Data

Dlarashtsalash: An ishikin group of six Minor Houses that colonised to spinward of Izh Kriezhlal in the mid -4,000's. The Houses hoped to increase status and power by extending the Izrats Kriezhlas Unity to new worlds. However, by stretching resources so soon after the resettlement, they assisted the disintegration of the nascent state. The general collapse of the Izh Kriezhlal colonies saw these farthest flung outposts isolated. Now all that remains of these six Houses is the scattered worlds of the subsector that bears their name.

Izhde Dletsva: A small trading concern based on Rajash (1036). Most of it's activities are confined to the two systems within Jump-1 range. However, it has several Jump-2 ships which range farther afield on other ventures.

Merchant Traders: One of the most frequently encountered ships along the Izrats Kriezhlas trade routes is the Tlatianim class 3,000 ton Merchant Cruiser. The Great Houses use these ships to carry trade throughout the sector. A number of ships are owned by consortia of Minor Houses to protect their interests and exert their independence. Originally constructed at Jump-2, a few have been refitted for Jump-4. However, there is little need for this within the Unity as the Tlatianim will just fit within a Jump-5 tender.

PSR-4618+22: A low mass neutron star situated at 1334. It is a remnant of a supernova that occurred about 600,000 years ago. Its nebula is now over 3,000 parsecs wide and has been observed by the Zhodani Core Expeditions. The neutron star is less than 25km in diameter but is still listed as a hazard in astrogation programs. An observation post and fuel dump was established in the late -1200's but was abandoned several hundred years later. It may still be found orbiting the remnant although the fuel tanks are long dry.

Popular folklore has it that the area for about two parsecs around this remnant is a "Bermuda Triangle", responsible for both an unusual number of appearances and disappearances of starships.

A historical study carried out in 1039 found evidence to support the stories of an unusual number of misjump reappearances around the star, stretching back as far as the earliest use of jump drive. It is probable that there were many more occurrences than were recorded due to the low probability of a ship returning this point after misjump (although several have made it back using low berths). It would appear that the space for several light hours around the star is a 'magnet' for misjumped ships.

Detailed studies, however, have shown no unusual history of disappearances.

Shtier'a Wood: Harvested from the Shtier'a tree that grows only on Melchizhdrenk (1139). It is much sought after for numerous uses. As lumber, it is extremely useful as a low-tech construction material due to its resilience, high tensile strength, and decorative finish. The wood can also be processed to extract compounds useful in industrial chemistry.

The Faith: In the late 500's, an extremist Solomani sect from the Sword Worlds arrived in the subsector, seeking a base to forge a new elite. They colonised Hammer (1631) and then immediately colonised the nearby world of Forge (1531).

The inhabitants of Hammer and Forge simply refer to themselves as "the Faith". Their extreme views put them at odds with the Christian religions from which their beliefs were originally derived,. The main reason for this is their promotion of violence as a means to bring the social change they seek, but other factors, such as society based on communal polygamy, are also relevant. Only "Speakers of the Faith" can have contact with offworlders. Most consider the Faith to be dangerous psychotics.

Due to the difficulties in food production on both worlds, vegetarianism is mandatory in Faith society. Only the strongest eat; those who are weaker must beg, steal, or forage for the leftovers of their betters. Anything less than perfect health is considered a sign of weakness and degeneracy.

They loathe the Vlazhdumecta (since they are human yet have their unique biology) and the Carillon (as alien monsters) but have somehow managed friendly terms with the Zhodani. They have disputes with Zezhdishketl (1630) which have resulted in raids being mounted against that system, which is causing further tension with the Izrats Kriezhlas Unity (since Zezhdishketl is a client of the Unity).

In order to be accepted as worthy of any position of prominence in Society, it is necessary to undergo a Trial. Forge is the most important place of Trial for the sect, since only those who survive a trial there can join the military or rise to power in the religious government. Those who fail a Trial there die. Hammer is otherwise used as the place of Trial. Those who succeed reap the reward they seek, while those who fail but survive are not accepted back into society, doomed to a remaining life that is difficult, short, and bleak.

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