Izh Kriezhlal Subsector in the Yiklerzdanzh Sector

@SUB-SECTOR: sec_O   SECTOR: yiklerzd
# Trade routes within the subsector
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Fafrekolefrans1731 X000000-0    As Ba              040 Na
Zhdamonzhdranj1735 C100363-9    Lo Ni Va O:1738    350 Iz     f
Chedraz       1738 B7678C9-8  I                    920 Iz     f
Noche         1740 B241595-B  X Ni Po              830 Iz     f
Zdansiyner    1831 X799000-0    Ba              R  001 Na     f
Tliebrenzh    1832 A97A78A-C  I Wa                 410 Ic
Brozh         1838 C000516-B    As Ni              140 Iz     f
Soyayt        1931 C687675-7  Q Ag Ni Ri           102 Dr     f
Itsplanzhikar 2035 A358786-E  I Ag                 341 Iz     f
Qrannienzh    2040 C9AA589-C    Ni Fl              711 Iz     f
Imazhianztsied2131 X436000-0    Ba                 030 Na
Qrazhazhjal   2137 A984AC9-E  X Hi                 222 Iz     f
Eleshtepri    2138 E478537-7    Ag Ni              151 Iz     f
Anchli        2140 A352989-D  Y Hi Po An C0        731 Iz     f
Jonterienzh   2232 X8B3000-0    Ba Fl              010 Na
Leyins        2233 X000000-0    As Ba              000 Na
Shtansh       2239 E89756B-3    Ag Ni O:2140    A  220 Iz     f
Zhieotlizhikl 2332 X471000-0    Ba                 000 Na
Frikriyip     2334 E430210-8  Z De Lo Ni Po Re  A  151 Na     f
Tliadrstatl   2439 A7879CE-D  I Hi Cp              930 Iz     f
Sashero       2440 E43359A-6    Ni Po              541 Iz     f

* = Meichntid Ibl Military Base
A = Akigura Union Base
C = Carillon Military Base
I = Izrats Kriezhlas Unity
J = Glenauran Signatorate Base
K = SUraak Military Base
M = Independant Military Base
P = Droyne Naval Base
Q = Droyne Garrison
T = Talpaku Military Base
X = Zhodani Relay Route
Y = Zhodani Depot
Z = Zhodani Navy

AU = Akigura Union
CA = Carillon Harmonies
Cc = Carillon Client State
Dr = Droyne World
Gs = Glenauran Signatorate
Ic = Izrats Kriezhlas Client State
Iz = Izrats Kriezhlas Unity
Mc = Meichntid Ibl Client State
Mi = Meichntid Ibl
Na = Non-aligned
SC = Salinaikin Concordance
Sr = S'raak Empire
TC = Talpaku Client State
TL = Talpaku Communality
Zh = Zhodani Consulate

Izh Kriezhlal (Yiklerzdanzh Subsector O) as at 1201 by David Thornell (with Grant Sinclair) Date: 2 December 1994


The people of the Izrats Kriezhlas occupy twelve of the fifteen inhabited systems in this subsector. The subsector capital is Tliadrstatl (2439) and the Izrats Kriezhlas Unity capital, Qrazhazhjal (2137), is also present.

The Izh Kriezhlal subsector contains 21 worlds with a total population of 36.973 billion. The highest population is at Qrazhazhjal, with 26.2 billion. The highest tech level is E at both Itsplanzhikar and Qrazhazhjal, while the lowest is 3 at Shtansh. The population comprises about 12% racial Zhodani, 83% Izrats Kriezhlas Vlazhdumecta, 5% other races. Izrats Kriezhlas/Zhodani/Solomani hybrids are usually considered Izrats Kriezhlas.

Worlds generated according to World Tamer's Handbook where applicable and World Builders Handbook otherwise. Note that atmospheric taints generated using WBH, since World Tamer's is intended only for worlds already known to be habitable.

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