Gemini Subsector in the Solomani Rim Sector

@SUB-SECTOR: sec_o  SECTOR: solrim
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Ys            1732 C84786A-8  O                    620 TR     f
Cameroon      1736 X442000-0    Ba                 004 Un           
Hamilcar      1738 C56A745-9    Wa Ri              813 Na     f
Parsifal      1739 X732000-0    Ba                 003 Un             
Aristotle     1740 E4698RC-6                       420 Wi              
Remulak       1833 E97476A-5    Ag                 412 TR               
Chernozem     1836 BA85984-9    Hi                 203 Na     f
Hephaistos    1931 B989764-9    Ri                 202 TR     f
Calgary       2031 EA9A467-5    Wa Lo Ni           325 TR
Inferno       2131 D578867-8                       924 TR
Forlorn       2132 X496000-0    Ba                 024 TR
Greenpernt    2135 C798440-9  C Lo Ni              604 Na     f
Gwynedd       2138 X9D7000-0    Ba Fl              004 Un
Medea         2235 X7794P3-2    Lo Ni              403 Wi
Pollux        2236 X000000-0    Ba As              000 Un
Hanuman       2240 X9BA000-0    Ba Fl              013 Un
Siva          2337 X210000-0    Ba                 024 Un
Castor        2339 X000000-0    Ba As              020 Un
Smade's Planet2433 X778000-0    Ba                 002 Un     f

N = Naval Base
O = Terran Outpost
C = Corsair Base
D = Naval Depot
S = Scout Base
W = Scout Way Station
A = Navy & Scout Bases
B = Navy & Scout Way Station

VC = Virus Controlled
TR = Terran Republic
DL = Dingir League
Tc = Terran Client
Dc = Dingir Client
Un = Unpopulated
Wi = Wilds
Na = Non-aligned

Gemini Subsector ----------------

Gemini Subsector: The Gemini Subsector has an estimated population in 1202 of 4.68 billion, a decline of approximately 77 percent from its Pre-Collapse population. Its highest population is 2.38 billion, at Chernozem, and its highest tech level is 9 at Hamilcar, Chernozem, Hephaistos and Greenpernt.

Gemini Subsector (historical): The Gemini Subsector had an estimated population in 1117 of approximately 20.06 billion. Its highest population was 5.81 billion at Hamilcar, and its highest tech level was 14 at Ys, Hamilcar, Aristotle, and Remulak.

Subsector Notes ---------------

The Gemini subsector is named for the bright stars of the Castor system (which contains an unusual grouping of 3 binary pairs) and the Pollux system (a 'K' class giant), which from Earth appear as "twin" star systems, moving together through the evening sky. The asteroid belts in these systems are quite different. The Pollux belt is little more than gravel, making commercial exploitation unprofitable; the Castor belts, on the other hand, are rich in metals, ices, and simple organics. Before the Collapse, the Castor system supported a population over five billion.

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