Kukulcan Subsector in the Solomani Rim Sector

@SUB-SECTOR: sec_p   SECTOR: solrim
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Carchemish    2536 X778000-0    Ba                 003 Un     f
Thetis        2538 X56A8RA-5    Wa              B  910 Wi
Tlaloc        2631 X6457R9-6    Ag                 103 Wi
Elsinore      2635 X120000-0    Ba De              002 Un
Pavel         2636 X8997R9-5                    B  220 Wi
Ochre         2731 X2505RC-8    Po De Ni           903 Wi
Lyonesse      2732 D6978P6-8                       423 Wi
Trapezus      2734 X633000-0    Ba                 004 Un
Laputa        2740 X7558RA-2                    B  424 Wi
Goliad        2834 X67A5R9-3    Wa Ni              815 Wi
Kukulcan      2835 C5689AA-8    Hi                 921 Na
Cyprian       2836 X510000-0    Ba                 003 Un
Jocasta       2840 X532000-0    Ba                 015 Un
Skanderbeg    2932 X1446U9-2    Ag Ni              902 Wi
Cyan          2937 X4526P5-6    Po Ni           B  803 Wi
Santorini     2938 X6898T8-5                    B  205 Wi
Hasdrubal     2939 X4549RA-5    Hi              B  102 Wi
Caprice       3035 C7669B7-8    Hi                 922 Na
Saskatoon     3132 X8879RA-4    Hi              B  604 Wi
Amaterasu     3134 X5488RF-5                       124 Wi
Xantippe      3136 X7B9000-0    Ba Fl              014 Un
Oberon        3232 X5628RB-5                       704 Wi
Scipio        3234 X5777Q5-7    Ag              B  402 Wi     f
Culdee        3235 B68A874-8    Wa Ri           B  622 Na
Dunsinane     3239 X312000-0    Ba Ic              022 Un

N = Naval Base
O = Terran Outpost
C = Corsair Base
D = Naval Depot
S = Scout Base
W = Scout Way Station
A = Navy & Scout Bases
B = Navy & Scout Way Station

VC = Virus Controlled
TR = Terran Republic
DL = Dingir League
Tc = Terran Client
Dc = Dingir Client
Un = Unpopulated
Wi = Wilds
Na = Non-aligned

Kukulcan Subsector ------------------

Kukulcan Subsector: The Kukulcan Subsector has an estimated population in 1202 of 30.25 billion, a decline of approximately 68 percent from its Pre-Collapse population. Its highest population is 9.32 billion at Caprice, and its highest tech level is 8 at Ochre, Lyonesse, Kukulcan, Caprice, and Culdee.

Kukulcan Subsector (historical): The Kukulcan Subsector had an estimated population in 1117 of approximately 94.69 billion. Its highest population was 46.51 billion at Kukulcan, and its highest tech level was 14 at Carchemish, Thetis, Tlaloc, Pavel, Ochre, Trapezus, Laputa, Jocasta, and Skanderbeg.

Subsector Notes ---------------

The major worlds of this subsector did not always have cordial relations under Solomani rule, and several trade wars resulted from the infighting. Kukulcan, which in 1117 had the largest population (Caprice now has slightly more) had just won the latest in the series conflicts (1115-1116) when its fleet and that of the other local navies was placed under Confederation control in preparation for the invasion of the Imperium. Since the Collapse, that factionalism has been put aside in favor of a spirit of cooperation, as several of the systems have begun helping each other recover through trade and cooperative projects. The Terran Republic is helping to facilitate this by providing the offices of their ambassador to this subsector (located on Kukulcan, along with a recently constructed Gabreelist mission) as a neutral meeting ground and arbitration point when disputes arise.

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