Sitah Subsector in the Old Expanses Sector

@SUB-SECTOR: sec_p   SECTOR: oldexpan
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Surren        2533 E877689-4    Ag Ni            B 803 Wi   
Lemos         2536 X8C5000-0    Ba Fl              004 Un
Sontar        2537 XBC0000-0    Ba De              014 Un
Vleeman       2538 X000000-0    Ba As              024 Un
Aice          2631 X7C8000-0    Ba Fl              004 Un
Kodants       2632 X4547R7-5    Ag                 104 Wi
Zi            2633 X211000-0    Ba Ic              003 Un
An Cizow      2639 X000000-0    Ba As              013 Un
Phront        2640 XCA0000-0    Ba De              014 Un
Zolibe        2733 C120310-7  H De Lo Ni Po Cm     114 CH
Quell         2736 E43A121-5    Lo Ni Wa Cm        205 CH
Stech         2739 X000000-0    Ba As              011 Un
Jeamasm       2740 XAC0000-0    Ba De              023 Un
Dahlgren      2832 E220132-5    Lo Ni De Po Cm     213 CH
Jowaa         2833 E211133-7    Lo Ni Ic Cm        914 CH
Renj          2835 B86A998-B    Hi Wa              814 CH 
Carmen        2838 C94789A-3  H                    614 CH
Delphinium    2933 EBC4121-8    Lo Ni Fl Cm        304 CH
Miisha        2934 C84A754-8    Wa                 902 CH
Mackloud      2935 ECC4102-8    Lo Ni Fl Cm        911 CH
Darinov       3031 C97A311-9  H Lo Ni Wa           402 CH
Osmosis       3036 C271557-7    Ni                 605 CH
Zoquet        3039 D433233-5    Lo Ni Po Cm        501 CH
Markham       3040 C44A584-9    Ni Wa              403 CH
Hendura       3131 XAC0000-0    Ba De              004 Un
New Luck      3136 DA30214-5    Lo Ni De Po        512 CH
Cassiopeia    3233 C445654-5  H Ag Ni              800 CH
Adam          3238 C715354-7  H Lo Ni Ic Cm        214 CH

A = Navy & Scout Bases
D = Naval Depot
N = Naval Base
S = Scout Base
C = Scout & Hiver Base
T = Hiver Temp Base
H = Hiver Staging Base

RC = Reformation Coalition
Un = Unpopulated
Wi = Wilds
So = Solee Empire
Na = Non-aligned
TV = Trade Union
CH = Sitah (Hiver Client)
Dr = Droyne World

Sitah Subsector ---------------

Sitah subsector (renamed from Bascoj) has a New Era population of just over 8.7 billion, a decline of over 414 billion from its pre-Collapse population. Its highest population is 8 billion, at Renj, and its highest tech level is 11(B) also at Renj. Three worlds have actually experienced a population increase over their pre-Collapse levels: Surren, Miisha, and Osmosis. A population has been restored to several worlds which serve as way stations for traffic through the region. Darinov and New Luck are not listed as cemetery worlds, because they did not have a pre-Collapse population.

The Hivers have developed a region within this subsector to serve as one of the stepping stones between the Federation and the Reformation Coalition. As such, Sitah, as the region is known, has benefited from Hiver technology, and the worlds of the region trade amongst themselves, but do not have the means to extend commerce beyond their borders. The worlds are not organized on an interstellar level, in fact the name is not really an official one, but rather a term derived from a child's game which means "safe place". A few elements of the Federation Navy patrol these worlds as a defense against Vampires.

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