Syzygy Subsector in the Spica Sector

@SUB-SECTOR: sec_p   SECTOR: Spica
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Shipsboat     2532 B668513-C  L Ag Ni Hp           503 H*
Nehlar        2536 B8425I4-B    Ni Po              900 Hv
Raghehk       2537 A956522-C  E Ag Ni              424 Hv
Kinyar VI     2539 B47A862-D  L Wa O:2938          204 Hv
Momentory     2632 A584101-C  E Lo Ni              400 Hv
Rekar         2637 E201213-8    Lo Ni Cm Va Ic     805 Hv
Flotz Geb     2639 C323401-A    Lo Ni Cm Po        102 Hv
Namek         2640 D334402-A  M Lo Ni Cm           824 Hv
Pehnon        2833 D556206-5    Lo Ni Hp           513 Hv
Hrilll        2834 C9DA8K4-C    Wa Nh              915 Hv
Roror         2934 B799101-8  F Lo Ni              913 Hv
Bilda         2936 C57A105-8    Lo Ni Wa           403 Hv
Wrengax       2938 B8C6304-D  L Fl Lo Ni Cm Cp     804 Hv
Pixhemp       2940 B7B4464-6    Fl Lo Nh O:2938 A  411 Hv
Bihtis        3032 C201201-A    Lo Ni Cm Va Ic     510 Hv
Nehbir        3034 C523505-4    Ni Cm Po           603 Hv
Dihyral       3035 C8C4326-B  M Fl Lo Ni Cm        323 Hv
Ryapak III    3036 E687405-8    Lo Ni              414 Hv
Import Yards  3040 B434567-C  F Ni Cm Nh O:2532    410 H*
Ridhi         3134 E638513-9    Ni Cm              400 Hv
Zonggand      3138 C795206-6  M Lo Ni              420 Hv
Petar         3237 E201206-4    Lo Ni Cm Va Ic     602 Hv
Ourn          3238 E311368-6    Lo Ni Cm Ic Nh  A  610 Hv

A = Navy & Scout Bases
D = Naval Depot
N = Naval Base
S = Scout Base
C = Scout & Hiver Base
T = Hiver Temp Base
H = Hiver Staging Base
L = Federation Navy Base
E = Fed. Embassy Center
M = Fed. Military Base
F = Fed. Military&Navy Base
G = Solomani Navy Base

Hv = Hive Federation 
Hh = Federation Develop Agency 
Xh = FDA world outside of HF
H* = Star Patterns Trading
Hi = Six Eyes Nest
Un = Unpopulated
Wi = Wilds
Na = Non-aligned


This subsector will always be remembered in history for containing the world which became the first meeting place between a Human from Terra/Sol and a Hiver from Guaran/Hive. That world is Momentory (2632). It is where a long-range exploration vessel from Guaran had to land to make emergency repairs. A mute Terran scout, Franklin Cheevers, was able to assist the Hiver/Gurvin team with their jump drive. Relations have been cordial ever since, with the recent Solomani tensions a low-point in that nearly 3,000 year history. The Dolphins at Hrilll (2834) were there before the Hivers came to Spica sector. They chose not to join the Federation and willingly accepted the Hiver Interdiction. This colony is twice removed from Terra, having been an off-shoot of Delphin Colon(y) (2916 Aldebaran). For whatever reason, Dolphins don't pronounce the 'y'. Yard Explorer (2938) is the regional starship yard that Star Patterns Trading Company uses to produce its successful version of the 200 ton type-HX Hiver Explorer.


This subsector is still recovering from the effects of the Collapse 70 years later. The best stronghold for Hiver technology was at Yard Explorer (2938), today renamed to Wrengax, it now serves as the subsector capital. The oversight of the subsector by Federation government will probably transfer to Kinyar VI (2539) by the end of the year when it is expected to return to Nest control. Kinyar VI is a prime candidate to upgrade the starport to class "A". Star Patterns Trading took over the operation of Shipsboat (2532) after the government subsidized company that had run it, failed due to the Collapse. When the yard at Wrengax is restored, they are expected to have control of that system returned to them as well. The Dolphins at Hrilll (2834) were spared the effects of the AI virus due to their practice of self-Interdiction. Their compassion for fellow sapients necessitated their participation with the Hiver Federation recovery. They are used as high hydrograph specialists for Federation Re-Development Agency first contact/recontact missions. Momentory (2632), is still a popular vacation spot for Hivers, and even more important for recreational relief for those who work hard to restore the Federation. The world had it's first human visitors since the Collapse when, a few years ago, officials and dignitaries from the League of the New Dawn were onhand to celebrate the founding of the League and to help the Hivers commemorate the 3,000 year anniversary of their first meeting with Humans. The listing that follows shows first the 1117 stats for the subsector, then the 1201 stats. The name is omitted from the 1201 listing unless it has changed since 1117.

The Syzygy Subsector contains 23 systems with a known population of 1.174 billion sapients, a decline of over 2.28 billion. The highest population known is 918 million at Hrilll. The highest Tech Level known is D at Kinyar VI and Wrengax. The best Starports known are Type-A at Raghehk and Momentory.

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