Rom's Loch Subsector in the Yiklerzdanzh Sector

@SUB-SECTOR: sec_P   SECTOR: yiklerzd
# Trade routes within the subsector
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Dushegadaar   2531 A879796-B  X                    716 Na     f
Eblplons      2532 C5223A6-8    Lo Ni Po           594 Na     f
Vlados        2535 E500100-0    Lo Ni Va           370 Na     f
Brianchvrench 2537 C855988-8    Hi              R  938 Na     f
Greytown      2633 C447441-7    Lo Ni              950 Gs     f
Caveat        2733 C7A3645-9    Fl Ni              592 Gs     f
Glenaura      2734 B757503-B  M Ag Ni              714 Gs     f
Kusiahatai    2735 A575737-D  J Ag                 936 Gs     f
Iqlneshav     2738 E210654-9    Na Ni              158 Na     f
Duneed        2832 A000744-C  J As Na              370 Gs     f
Chejieb       2834 B400783-B    Na Va An           262 Gs     f
Shining Face  2836 D5657DI-A    Ag              A  359 Na     f
Iareflonzal   2933 B110757-B    Na C2              871 Gs     f
Odreitsvoz    2934 B573474-9    Lo Ni           A  793 Gs     f
Ancona        3032 B566876-C  M Ri                 615 Gs     f
Yadrishipl    3035 C210432-A    Lo Ni              713 Na     f
Fliebrtsel    3135 X8C2457-9    Fl Ni Lo        F  402 Zh
Abrzhdedl     3137 XA5A000-0    Ba Wa           F  002 Zh
Arikrfekr     3235 X200012-A    Lo Ni Va        F  902 Zh
Jeshiel       3237 X8A0830-8    De              F  403 Zh
Rodebr Rifia  3239 X368899-E    Ri C6           F  310 Zh

* = Meichntid Ibl Military Base
A = Akigura Union Base
C = Carillon Military Base
I = Izrats Kriezhlas Unity
J = Glenauran Signatorate Base
K = SUraak Military Base
M = Independant Military Base
P = Droyne Naval Base
Q = Droyne Garrison
T = Talpaku Military Base
X = Zhodani Relay Route
Y = Zhodani Depot
Z = Zhodani Navy

AU = Akigura Union
CA = Carillon Harmonies
Cc = Carillon Client State
Dr = Droyne World
Gs = Glenauran Signatorate
Ic = Izrats Kriezhlas Client State
Iz = Izrats Kriezhlas Unity
Mc = Meichntid Ibl Client State
Mi = Meichntid Ibl
Na = Non-aligned
SC = Salinaikin Concordance
Sr = S'raak Empire
TC = Talpaku Client State
TL = Talpaku Communality
Zh = Zhodani Consulate

Rom's Loch (Yiklerzdanzh Subsector P) as at 1201 by Geoff Kelly (with Grant Sinclair) Date: 2 February 1996


The Rom's Loch subsector contains 21 worlds with a total population of 11.376 billion. The highest population is at Brianchvrench, with 9.5 billion. The highest tech level is E at the Forbidden world Rodebr Rifia, while the lowest is 0 at Vlados. The population is comprised of about 84% racial Zhodani, 3% Solomani/Vilani, 12% Izrats Kriezhlas Vlazhdumecta, 1% other races (notably Aslan). Note that since most of the racial Zhodani and Izrats Kriezhlas Vlazhdumecta live on red zoned worlds, the influence of these people is far less than would otherwise be the case. Due to the nature of the subsector, there are no capitals present.

Note: The minor corrections to the stats for the five Driantia Steblenzhtia ("Zh") worlds were made in conjunction with Chuck Kallenbach, the author of the Vanguard Reaches material in which these worlds were described.

Library Data

Corsairs: Although there do not seem to be organised fleets of pirates in the subsector, there are occasional raids. These pirates are believed to come from Wyld Worlds subsector, using caches of supplies and parts maintained in obscure parts of the subsector. Bounties are offered by most worlds on both the pirates and these caches.

It is also suspected that pirates do not base themselves locally in order to disguise their use of the Dushegadaar shipyards. Dushegadaar asks no questions of its clients and Dushegadaar shipping is rarely molested. It is suspected that the pirates have their ships altered when they arrive in the subsector and repaired when they leave.

Driantia Steblenzhtia: This Zhodani client state, which claims several worlds in the trailing part of the subsector, is mainly situated in the Vanguard Reaches and Afachtiabr (Far Frontiers) sectors. See those sectors for details of this state. The worlds in this subsector of Zhodani stock were originally part of the Driantia Steblenzhtia.

Glenauran Signatorate: Glenauran mercenaries, having been employed by most major states and organisations in the Iareflonzal cluster over the centuries, were in a unique position to notice the increasingly strident attempts at expansion by neighbouring powers. Offers of military aid and trade incentives had often been used to woo some of the worlds from the cluster into their sphere of influence. These efforts were often thwarted by nearby worlds engaging in diplomatic, trade and espionage missions to convince the subject world to postpone such moves.

By 1185, the mercenaries had convinced their government that more permanent measures were necessary. A draft paper was submitted to the governments of the Iareflonzal cluster region and (after modifications requested by the Zhodani bloc) it was signed on Glenaura in 1187. The main statement of the paper is that each member should consider the other worlds of the cluster as more important than any other world or state outside it. This has stimulated trade within the cluster and (to varying degrees) improved the economies of each member world.

Ancona has now proposed that a statement be added that would change the Signatorate into an interstellar government. This proposal has not met with the wide scale agreement of the original paper and a score or more years are likely to pass before the issue is resolved. Possibly the best thing for the formation of a single state would be an attempt at terrorism on or aggressive act against one of the cluster systems.

The main offices of the Signatorate are centred around the stock brokerage districts of the starports in the cluster.

The Signatorate logo is of three interlocking rings (representing cooperation of the Scottish, Zhodani and aligned blocs) within a grey circle (representing neutrality), overlaying eight outward pointing arrows (arranged like an asterisk), representing resistance to outside influences.

Gordon's Legion: This mercenary troop began on Glenaura under Lt. Colonel Robert Gordon as just one of a score or so of mercenary battalions. An increase in demand followed successful actions on Kusiahatai and Odreitsvoz, and the battalion had grown to about a division in size by the eve of the Signing. It is now the largest employer on Glenaura, is the largest and most experienced military in the subsector and has the prize of being the ready reaction force for the Signatorate.

A battalion of the Legion which had been operating on a cadre ticket on Brianchvrench at the time of the recent rebellion is apparently still being employed there, by the original government.

Grant: Abraham Grant is a philanthropist and mining magnate who owns extensive holdings in Duneed and Ancona-based companies. Grant made his fortune when his own company (Clarey, Robbins & Vrenshlaqitch, a stock exchange power in MacLeod on Ancona) made a series of choice offworld investments. His investments now tend to concentrate in primary industries.

Grant donates a considerable amount of money and time to the MacLeod Interplanetary Society. Clarey & Co have often financed M.I.S. expeditions, hoping for future investment opportunities.

Guardians of Tradition: (Vishlietlbiedr Anz' Dinchpliad) is a semi religious order on Brianchvrench (2537), set up to preserve a system of rule that was, to them at least, divinely inspired. The order was suppressed several centuries ago, but it continued to exist as a secret society. Under the present leadership (an intendant named Chtozjel Polanshsints), it is now in the process of wresting control of the world.

Iareflonzal Cluster: The cluster of systems accessible by jump-1 from Iareflonzal.

The cluster includes the six giant and sub-giant stars around empty hex 2833. Some speculate that the region may have been manipulated at some stage in the past (probably the Ancients) by a process related to the Darrian apparent "Star Trigger". Most astronomers dismiss this, maintaining that these stars are a natural, if rare, occurrence.

MacCormick Carriers: Originally, this merchant line was based in Duneed and specialised in cargo and freight. Now, it is found throughout Iareflonzal Cluster (and occasionally beyond it), primarily carrying passengers.

A subsidiary, "Tan Travels Inc.", possesses quasi-military ships that are sometimes used for convoy protection duty. However, it is most famous for events which ended over a century ago, when it was frequently chartered by Glenauran mercenaries, to transport them and their equipment to war zones.

MacCure Pty Ltd: This mercenary company is the largest in the subsector to specialise in high guard operations. The largest vessel of their squadron is a surplus 20 000 ton armoured escort, while the smallest are found in their squadrons of light fighters. MacCure deals in such activities as piracy suppression, customs enforcement, blockading and blockade running, light strikes and deep penetrations. They have also worked in conjunction with other mercenary units for commando insertions. MacCure ships were responsible for the pre-emptive strike ordered by the Duneed government on Odreitsvoz (2934), and their leased SDBs defended against the subsequent retaliatory strike.

The number of starships the company can field is limited, since contracts have mainly required spaceships. Since current economic trends indicate that long-distance trade is continuing to build, the company is now investing on escort ships. This will bring it into direct competition with MacCormick Carriers, who are also attempting to dominate this new market.

The MacCure family still have a majority of shares in the company, but are now involved in only the financial side of the business. The current head of Operations is Liam Sciaretta, who served previously with the national forces of MacKinnon in their orbital and system defence forces.

Merchants' Track: The name given to the mercantile run around the Iareflonzal Cluster.

Due to the close proximity of the nine systems, ships have a lower jump capability than found elsewhere in ships of comparable size.

With the guarantee of cheap, easy and reliable access to the produce of other worlds, some systems in the cluster have been able to develop specialist tertiary industries normally possible only in worlds of higher technological capability.

Settlement: The first settlers in the subsector were the Ancients, though (as usual) no details of this time are known.

The subsector was then empty until about six millennia ago, when the Vlazhdumecta established three small bases to support establishment of their colonies to spinward. Ruins of two of these bases have been found (on Ancona and Glenaura), but ruins of the third (from historical records, believed to be Eblplons) are still to be discovered. A fourth base on Frikriyip (2334), in adjacent Dlarashtsalash subsector, provided the final link to the colonies. Unlike the spinward colonies, which became the Izrats Kriezhlas Unity, the settlements here were too small to survive the collapse.

Modern settlement began in the late 500s and early 600s. First, the last spinward surge of Imperial colonisation into Far Frontiers brought Solomani Scots to Ancona and then Duneed and other systems. This was closely followed by the Zhodani establishment of the Driantia Steblenzhtia, which populated the systems in the trailing/rimward part of the subsector, and a small number of other Imperial settlers.

Both groups of colonies went well initially, but the Zhodani colonies in the subsector were left behind when they seceded on an individual basis from the Driantia Steblenzhtia over the Nedlkel Reforms of 666. Each world lost trade opportunities and turned its attention inward.

Shrinchlieltsqun Transport: This is the largest commercial carrier based on Iareflonzal and is the largest Zhodani owned line in the subsector. Shrin. even has its own orbital yards over Iareflonzal, where it fits out hulls and jump units purchased from Duneed.

Shrin. holds many contracts from the Zhodani worlds in the subsector, fulfilled by regular runs to the Izrats Kriezhlas Unity (to spinward), the Driantia Steblenzhtia (to trailing) and the jump-4 trade route to the Zhodani Consulate (to coreward). Each of the large ships used in these runs is accompanied by a small escort vessel, giving Shrin. an enviable reputation for security.

While onboard security is no less intense, the routes of the Shrin. line are ideal for covert agents to move from state to state. Bodies have sometimes appeared on its ships, to the surprise of the security officers.

Treaty Monitoring Group: An organisation set up to observe the signatories of the Glenauran Signatorate. This group is to determine if any party is not following the spirit of the paper, delivering reports to all signing governments.

The T.M.G. has a difficult task, since the paper deliberately gives the member states a great deal of latitude (to lay out the treaty in precise terms would have taken years of further negotiation). The T.M.G. has limited funding and has only one or two people on each member world, so it obtains information by letting it be known that it will pay for it. Such reports are kept confidential until evidence is obtained, since the Signatorate is so young that mistaken allegations could tear it apart.

In an attempt to give some executive power to the group, each T.M.G. member has been assigned a Glenauran mercenary as a bodyguard and assistant. T.M.G. members and their bodyguards are immune to any prevailing weapon restrictions.

Vraq-Sieldrents: Vraq-Sieldrents Chanchrints is one of the richest persons of Zhodani origin in the subsector. He is a notorious gambler and lover of fine things of all sorts, never shy to invest in something new or to spend his wealth in whatever catches his fancy. The mainstay of his wealth is his robotics business, centred on Chejieb, Duneed and Kusiahatai.

Vraq-Sieldrents is of high birth on Chejieb, and tries to spend as much time there as possible to administer and live on the lands his forebears claimed for the family.

Zhodani Refugees: Refugees fleeing the troubles in the Zhodani Consulate began to arrive in the subsector in the late 1190's. The worlds of Chejieb and Iareflonzal, since they comprise the Zhodani bloc of the Glenauran Signatorate, were the natural destination of most of these refugees. Even at the beginning of 1201, only these two worlds had any details of the troubles of the Zhodani Consulate.

Referee's Information

Driantia Steblenzhtia: Until relatively recently, the Colonade Administration District of subsector M of Far Frontiers sector was an independent state (see TTC 3 for a description). It has now merged with the Driantia Steblenzhtia, a Zhodani client state previously based in the core-rimward parts of Vanguard Reaches. The merged state now has allegiance code Zh (see Solomani and Aslan 1120 map, pp 50-51).

Vraq-Sieldrents: His main problem of the moment is the disruption of a large project by the fighting on Brianchvrench. Though the failure of even this large project wouldn't harm the company, it would pain Vraq-Sieldrents to learn of the demise or harm of his people. There are rumours of a rescue mission, but it is said to be hopeless due to personnel being trapped at over fifteen different sites.

Zhodani Refugees: Some information regarding the Empress Wave will begin to circulate towards the end of 1201.

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