Viezhzdi' Sht WriteUp

Viezhzdi' Shtaf (0137) is a religious dictatorship, settled by
followers of the Viezhzdi' Zhipr religion (WBH religious profile
ADA655-8). They left the Zhodani Consulate in 1002, to live their
lives away from the "official propaganda" which contradicts their
religious teachings. They deliberately travelled rimward to avoid the
mainly coreward expansion of the Consulate.

According the ways of Viezhzdi' Zhipr, God is not a personality - God
is everything and everything is God. To follow God is to be against
the arch-enemy, Entropy. The faithful seek to improve themselves
constantly, by self-discipline and training, because to improve
oneself is to fight against Entropy. They believe in a variation of
the constant creation theory of the universe, where the more people
who live correctly, the greater the rate of creation. If no-one was a
believer, then there would be no creation at all and Entropy would
triumph. They see birth as good (being symbolic of creation) and death
as evil (being symbolic of entropy). Those who have the strongest
belief supposedly keep entropy at bay longer and therefore have longer
lives. Those who murder are the most despicable of all and are
tortured slowly to death (the people are otherwise fairly peaceful).

They carefully chose a difficult world as a test of their faith and
investigated in advance the requirements of a society on this world.
In this way, they have a fully functioning TL 7 society on this
metal-poor, low density, near-vacuum world. Recycling is emphasised
and solar power is very popular. Most people live underground, and
tend varieties of specially selected flora (they are totally
vegetarian). They have a space defence force and have no objection to
defending themselves, for any attackers are trying to kill them or
destroy their society and are therefore agents of Entropy by

The government levies an entropy tax on citizens and visitors (e.g.
for pollution). Rebates on this tax are available for a wide variety
of "anti-entropy" measures (having a child, praying, recycling waste).
Employers give their employees bonuses for low waste work, and the
reduced tax incurred means that their products are cheaper and the
benefit is passed on to consumers.

There are others of their number back in the Consulate, but only the
most fervent have come here. From time to time, groups of new
immigrants arrive from the Consulate, so the population is gradually

Psionics training was banned until the Chablzhdia incident in 1050
(see Chablzhdia, 0236). Now, some of the most indoctrinated followers
are trained in psionics, so that they can travel about, checking
individuals for heresy. Their few psionics trainers pass their skills
on to selected members of younger generations.

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