Plafrezhdish WriteUp

Plafrezhdish (0138), like Bliazheprvlaf (0435), is a system with a
large star (type F size II) that is visible from Zhdant and was named
by them in pre-space flight times.

It has been announced that the base will be closing soon as the
changes in territory since the S'raak War make two bases in this
subsector too expensive to maintain. The Zhodani wish to sell the base
habitat itself, to not only avoid the expense of dismantling or
abandoning it but to make some money out of it as well. It is unknown
as to whether any colony groups have shown interest.

Referee: The base will indeed be sold by the end of 1201. The nature
of the new colony is left up to individual referees. The UWPs issued
to players should remain as is, since the last survey will have been
done while the Zhodani base is still there. This could surprise
visiting players who are unaware of the change.

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