Quicksilver WriteUp

Quicksilver (0233) A charismatic dark eccentric Talpak named
Yichewhuya Quicksilver led a rebel group here. They considered
themselves to be totally separate from the Communality, which they
expected to take over at some point in the future. They even claimed
Tavrniapichia (0134) and Zdemedre (0332) for future expansion. When
commercial exploitation of Zdemedre began in about 1180, their
possession instinct was triggered and they demanded withdrawal of
operations. The demands were ignored (since they often made grandiose
statements, no one realised that these were genuine) and so they
attacked the largely defenceless world, killing many and expelling the

Zdemedre obtained Communality naval assistance and rolled back the
Quicksilver assault. Even after this defeat, the Quicksilverites
continued to act, using terrorism (letter bombs and the like) against
the company. The Communality demanded that the leaders of Quicksilver
surrender and that the world accept an occupation force, but these
demands were refused and the populace as a whole began to stockpile
caches of weapons and bombs. In the end, the arriving occupation force
was attacked by nuclear missiles in orbit and the commander reacxted
in kind.

A nuclear attack began, the effect of which was worsened by the
(unknown) fact that some of the orbital facilities were plutonium
enrichment plants. When they were destroyed, the wreckage fell out of
orbit, distributing more radioactive particles.

The world was declared a radiation hazard and a radio beacon was
established to warn passing shipping.

Referee Notes:

(1) By 1201, the level of contamination has dropped somewhat. It is
possible to walk about much of the countryside and city outskirts
without an environment suit, as long as a filter mask is worn to
prevent inhalation of such particles. However, a radiation counter is
essential to avoid pockets of badly contaminated areas. Settled areas
cannot be entered without a hostile environment suit or other
protection against radiation.

Some of the locals, driven back to barbarism, are starting to roam
about. Many are mutated. These could be encountered by adventurers
hoping to salvage loot or find weapons caches. The existence of these
survivors is unknown.

(2) The atmosphere was originally tainted anyway, by a high lead
content. This fact has been forgotten (in the light of the more
serious taint) in the radio broadcasts. Players will be affected if
they do not detect this taint and take countermeasures.

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