Dranshiqlbi' WriteUp

Dranshiqlbi' (0239) is a colder world than Terra, with temperatures
within 30 degrees of the equator being comparable to those on Terra
between 30 degrees and 60 degrees latitude. Most land is covered by
ice to the 55 degree mark, and it can reach the 40 degree mark in
winter. The seas do not freeze (due to convection currents) but there
are a great many icebergs. Fortunately, there is much arable land in
the equatorial zone. The world has quite a problem with hurricanes in
the long spring and autumn seasons.

The world was the largest of the small colonies established in the
680s by the Driantia Sitiefladr and then abandoned by it in 695. With
a population of 2000 at that time, the colony survived due to the
world being habitable and the prescence of the local Droyne. Most of
the settlements are around a shallow (continental shelf depth) ocean.
This is the calmest ocean, yet its name (Galanglic translation: the
"Sea of Souls") comes from the many lives it has claimed in hurricane

Communication is generally by ship, rail or car. Coal is the main
energy source, used for steam engine locomotives, ships and even cars.
The starport is connected to the capital by a coal-powered locomotive.
Some enterprising people use dirigibles to transport heavy cargoes
(note the dense atmosphere) in the calmer seasons. The many people who
live in outlying communities rely on travellers for information and
love talking to travellers of all kinds. Many of the outlying
communities have never seen an offworlder.

The local Droyne have several large islands of their own and also live
in a number of communities near the humans. The leader of each tribe
is represented in the world government, with a "weight" on his vote
according to the population of the tribe at the time of the election.
The human eloctorates are regularly redistributed so that each is
about the same size.

The world has a rich native ecology. Most animals are fairly small,
relying on speed rather than strength to prey on (or escape from)
others. Many areas are wilderness and popular for hunters and
photographers alike.

Referee's Notes:

(1) The larger settlements feature some control by Sitiefladr criminal

(2) For referees using World Builder's Handbook or World Tamer's
Guide, note that orbit 10 was used as the habitable zone for this
star, rather than 9, which is too hot for a habitable zone according
to those rules. The mainworld has a mean surface temperature of 2
degrees C.

(3) There is some export of live animals to the Talpaku Communality,
as pets.

(4) A group of teachers was instrumental in solving the problems of
survival. The profession is still greatly respected and teachers have
considerable influence, particularly in smaller communities.

(5) Occasionally, locals decide to leave "civilisation" and live as
hermits in the wilderness. Some abandon technology and live as
barbarians. Wilderness encounter charts should provide for them.

(6) Sitiefladr criminal gangs secretly fund some political groups in
the capital. The funding is totally uncoordinated and so the small
groups spend far more time frustrating the aims of their rivals than
attempting to achieve their own. No political group is yet to achieve
a high profile and most citizens have never heard of them. It is
likely that they will need to wait for some important issue to arise
before an opportunity exists for a higher profile.

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