Zdemedre WriteUp

Zdemedre (0332) is being exploited by a Talpaku company from Salty
Tears named Kzetawekuk General Minerals. Neither the company nor the
Communality claims the world, which is why the allegiance code is "Not
aligned". Operations were originally expected to be temporary and are
still considered to be such, despite the length of occupancy. The
workers are all recruited from off-world and return home after their
contract is complete.

The company moved here to avoid bankruptcy around 1180. It was forced
to make such a radical decision when it found that its inability to
upgrade its equipment in line with competitors was freezing it out of
local operations. It found that profits here are enough to keep the
company going, but not so high that others come here to compete with
them. The company has stabilised at that tech level ever since.

The major event in the history of the system was recent the attack by
Quicksilver (0233).

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