Vrontliedl WriteUp

Vrontliedl (0338) is a low density, tidally locked world, colonised in
1134 by Sitiefladr. Earthquakes gave difficulties and the colony was
abandoned in 1148, when a massive earthquake destroyed their main
dome. Occasional passing ships stop to rummage through the ruins for
things of value.

The ruins of their starport remains, considered type D. There is a
fusion power plant, but it is unreliable (the only reason why no-one
has taken it).

Referee: Someone has set up some solar sails as backup for the power
plant, so the old base can be used as a temporary emergency refuge for
stranded travellers. The facilities are deteriorating as the years
pass, and will reach type E soon. The ruins of the repair yards
remain, and so some repairs can be performed by ship crews in
extremis. There are obviously no brokers or any of the other normal
starport facilities.

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