Fair Deal WriteUp

Fair Deal (0431) was originally settled by four groups, under a
charter (from which the world was named). Relations soured until
vicious wars resulted. The Communality tried to step in and broke a
peace, but no-one was prepared to compromise. They then tried to
enforce a peace, but the locals combined to fight back. Communality
forces decided to withdraw when nuclear weapons were used against
them. When the locals starting ambushing occasional merchant ships (to
use in the war effort), the Communality declared a Red Zone until the
wars are over, one way or the other.

The mainworld orbits the DM companion. The world has facilities of
higher tech level, but parts for these are starting to run out. It is
likely that the faction which can hang on to higher tech level the
longest will prevail. Each faction has already started raids on the
others to steal parts ("nail" missions, quite literally)

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