Fliblshichtia WriteUp

Flibishichtia (0434) has an atmosphere tainted due to the low
percentage of oxygen (treat as Thin). The locals have adapted to the
oxygen level over the generations, but offworlders need respirators.
There are few large animals, so the locals have adopted a vegetarian

The inhabitants are of Zhodani stock and have little to do with
offworlders, dealing mostly with the scientific base on Bliazheprvlaf
(0435), for whom they provide supplies. The world's rotational period
of 27.5 hours is very similar to Zhdant, which makes it appealing to

The world is run by a group of families, which control the technical
sector of the economy. These noble families have recently begun to
exploit nearby Chtashekldlanz, competing with certain Talpaku
companies there.

Referee's Notes:

(1) The system was settled in 620 by the Zhodani, to supply
Bliazheprvlaf (which administered it), but not considered part of the
Consulate or the Driantia Sitiefladr.

In 870, some scientists from Bliazheprvlaf were exiled here. Despite
knowing nothing whatsoever about agriculture, the Bliazheprvlaf
administration put them in charge of the world. They tended to
concentrate on the technical side of the economy and eventually
dominated it. Their descendants followed their example and this led to
the present form of government.

The world allegiance is ill defined. It is technically a Zhodani
client state, though it should be treated as being part of the
Consulate, for everyday purposes.

(2) Being of Zhodani stock, the locals favour psionics, though the
influence of the exiled scientists means that it is not a prerequisite
for leadership. There is no Psionics Institute on the world, so
training must be done elsewhere.

(3) There is a local plant called the Zej Zdiez, which fires seeds off
to large distances. This reproductive activity also doubles as a self
defence mechanism against grazers, so inexperienced travellers may
well trigger this response. Treat as a tech 5 5mm revolver. Locals
wear light armour outside the settlements to protect against these

(4) Zhodani from Bliazheprvlaf usually come here when on vacation
(since this is the only friendly world close enough). Some also
occasionally retire here.

(5) Locals shave themselves bald against certain local insects, which
like to live in hair and lay eggs there. Daily washing will generally
control them, but some people just seem to be particularly attractive
to the insects (roll for a 3 or less on 2D) and baldness is the only
solution. The insects are merely irritants.

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