Jdakrief WriteUp

Jdakrief (0439) is a tidally locked world, colonised about the year
1000 by a Zhodani splinter group that ran out of money before the
colony was finished. The few thousand colonists stranded there tried
to make a go of it, but the task was beyond them. Sitiefladr (0638)
decided to take the world over, so it sent some warships over and
"made them an offer they couldn't refuse". This gave Sitiefladr a
colony without the cost of setting up the infrastructure.

The colony has since been expanded, but is mostly used as a holiday
resort for rich executives. The starport (now upgraded to type B) is
associated with this colony. Passing ships may come and go as they
please, despite the prison world status, for the few entrances to the
camps are heavily guarded.

The rest of mainworld and the star system consists of various kinds of
high law level prison camps.

Referee's Notes:

(1) Each prison camp is trying a different method of control of the
prisoners and/or rehabilitation (mind altering drugs, hypnosis, etc).
The prisoners are also excellent test subjects for new products,
particularly poisons and weapons. The prisoners are forced to work at
various enterprises, such as mines; the produce is sold to passing
traders. Prisoners are generally supplied only with tech 5 equipment,
for security purposes.

(2) One mine is guard-free; prisoners are thrown in and no-one is
allowed out. The prisoners have their own water and food sources and
distribute it as they see fit. The guards outside use sensors to
ensure that the prisoners are not digging escape tunnels. It is said
that once a prisoner is sent here, he or she never sees the light of
day again.

(3) There are five settled worlds elsewhere in the system; all of
these are prisons. The abuses by these prison guards are rumoured
(correctly) to be even worse than on the mainworld. Detailed
descriptions of such abuses are left up to individual referees.

(4) Prison law level is L, even for the rare visitors.

(5) Some of the prison guards get bored and will occasionally release
a prisoner for hunting purposes. The party may encounter such a
prisoner and get involved in a hunt. The prisoners are told that they
have a real chance of escape, but they are usually inflicted with
time-release poisons, "just in case". Prisoners nevertheless do escape
into the wilderness from time to time and eke out their lives as best
they can. If a party is captured, they may well be sent here and be
hunted in this fashion.

(6) Some off-worlders pay criminal gangs to allow them to fight
criminals to the death, usually in an arena of some kind. Some of the
less reputable gangs make recordings for use as blackmail. A party may
be misled by such an off-worlder into a job to retrieve such a
recording, only to be attacked by the off-worlder afterwards.

One company brazenly runs duelling service on one of the satellites in
the system (it has specially arranged for duels to be legal there). A
shuttle leaves protagonists 10 km apart and returns 24 hours later to
pick up survivor(s). Duels are also occasionally run on an island of
the mainworld.

(7) It is now generally forgotten (even by Sitiefladr) that the world
was originally settled in the 680s by the Driantia Sitiefladr. The
settlers had all died of disease by 689. The mine used as the "guard
free" camp is believed to be from the recent colony, but they in fact
had merely expanded the mine that was already present. The prisoners
have found some old caches of equipment from time to time, but the one
sizeable cache is yet to be found (it is on the other side of a long
collapsed tunnel). This can be used as referees see fit.

Perhaps players sentenced here find it and must try to repair and use
the items for escape before other prisoners kill them for it. Perhaps
players are present when some prisoners find it, and stage a mass
break out, followed by a takeover of the starport and taking of
revenge on the guards.

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