Chtashekldlan WriteUp

Chtashekldlanz (0534) is a high density world (surface gravity 1.0
standard), used by Talpaku and Fliblshichtia (0434) companies, none of
which claim the system. So the world is effectively balkanised, each
"government" being a different company.

Large areas are dried up oceans, so there are huge salt flats, with
some intermittent rivers and salt lakes in the deeper portions. The
companies harvest minerals from these salt flats. The sights are quite
unusual; in one area, a deep trench between tectonic plates holds
water but the bordering hills and flats are quite dry. Day and night
temperatures can be at opposite extremes, due to the 42 hour
rortational period.

Most companies involved are operating at tech 9. In the case of
Fliblshichtia, this is because that is their prevailing tech level. In
the case of the Talpaku, this is because they are companies who have
learnt from Zdemedre (0332) and have bought up cheap, surplus
equipment to survive. The Talpaku companies are working with mixed
tech 9 and A.

Referee's Notes:

(1) There are some clashes, which are usually secret (like commando
raids to disrupt operations) but sometimes overt (mercenaries hired to
throw those of another company out of some area they believe are
trespassing). The world has no native life.

(2) There are occasionally heavy rainstorms in the regions near the
remaining water, which transform the landscape into one of rushing
rivers and lakes.

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