Dliatlirets WriteUp

Dliatlirets (0540) is the home of a bipedal humanoid alien race,
called the Dliatlirets in Zdetl. They average 2.4m in height but more
muscular. They have greenish skin (usually adorned with red and purple
pigments). They have no nose and so, as the saying goes, cannot smell.
Their heads tend to be circular and their arms protrude from about
half way up their torsos.

They respect physical prowess of all sorts, but particularly in
military skills. They are sometimes employed offworld for bodyguard
duties. They disdain higher technology, believing that it weakens
moral fibre. The system is named for the Zhodani name for the race.

The world has a rotational period of only 10 hours, one of the fastest
in the sector. Day and night mean much less to the Dliatlirets race
than most races.

Referee: (1) Although unaware of any odours they might carry, they
take umbrage at insults directed at them for this or any other reason.

(2) Dliatlirets (the race) are difficult to fight in melee combat, due
to their unusual body structure, so make attack rolls one level more
difficult (unless the attacker has somehow had some experience or
practice fighting them). The reverse is also true, but note that most
Dliatlirets that players are likely to meet have had practice fighting

(3) This world and the alien race dwelling upon it will never be
developed further. This allows referees to develop material without
risking it be made redundant.

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