Chaos Fallen WriteUp

Chaos Fallen (0631) This system is the main source of lanthanum for
the Talpaku Communality. Previously, it had to be purchased from
elsewhere or produced by fusion processes at hideous expense. Many
other metals, and non-metals are refined here, and there are also many
manufacturing companies.

Population groups live in hollowed out asteroids and the like, some
using certain Carillon bio-tech products. The population is socially
very fragmented, and each community tends to take care of itself.
Talpaku characters from this world will often have the same attitude
to governments and other large organisations. The head of the largest
community takes it upon him or herself to speak for the system and
represent it in Communality affairs. The other communities are quite
happy to be left alone, and since the person generally does as good a
job as any, the situation is tolerated. The current leader, who calls
himself Leader Yayakhe, has a bit of an ego problem and it is only a
matter of time until one or more of the communities take him down a
peg or two.

Whug Kzaki is more of a way of life or a religion here than a sport.
Played almost exclusively in zero-G or under centripetal force, the
local teams tend to win the Communality competition under these
conditions and tend to lose in all other conditions. The locals
absolutely hate losing and any traveller who even raises the subject
of a recent loss could be in for a rough time. Leader Yayakhe was once
a prominent player and still indulges from time to time.

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