Sitiefladr WriteUp

Sitiefladr (0638) is a long settled, human populated world of Zhodani
stock. Average surface temperature is 21 degrees C, slightly warmer
than that of Terra, while rotational period is 32 hours.

High tech is available to those with power but most live in abject
poverty and struggle just to survive. The military is a popular choice
of career because you get good food on a regular basis.

Sitiefladr is ruled by whoever is in charge of the most powerful
corporation at any given time. The current Chairman is Zdiai
Tlotishdlezde, a woman whose unpopularity is matched only by her
power. Her corporation is called Kashyaljofla Qreql. Like many of her
predecessors, she has expansionist ideas (as the citizens of Jdakrief,
for instance, will attest).

Visiting merchants are treated well, as long as they restrict their
activities to trading and stay in safe districts. Sitiefladr has its
own merchants and starships, which can be found operating within a 20
parsec radius.

Referee's Notes:

(1) These are stereotype bad guys. They typically walk around in black
leather over cloth, with black sunshades and black everything else,
too. A sort of Cyberpunk world with a psionic twist. These are the
sort of people that players can blow away without compunction.

The criminal organisations here have extended their reach to other
nearby worlds. They use blackmail, bribery, extortion, intimidation,
drug dependency, kidnapping and so on to exert their control. They
wish to maximise their income over the long term and will not run
their controlled worlds and businesses into bankruptcy. They prefer to
control governments rather than be governments, to avoid all the
boring administrative trivia.

(2) Trained psionic talents are rarer than in a normal Zhodani
society, as only those with access to money can get psionic testing
and training. Some corporations buy psionically talented children,
training them up and twisting their minds towards their own ends.

The highest status individuals are those with the twin talents of
psionics and computer hacking. Those with the special psionic power of
integrating with computer systems are the highest status of all; these
are very, very rare.

(3) It will not be difficult for players to hear rumours that free
traders sometimes disappear and their vessels impounded. These rumours
are true. Only free traders are taken, since they do not work for an
organisation which might come looking for them.

(4) This system was settled in 633 by the Driantia Sitiefladr. The
inhabitants speak the Zhodani tongue (Zdetl) with a short, almost
emotionless accent and an arrogant manner.

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