Friaprchivzhd WriteUp

Friaprchivzhdo (0738) The world was originally settled in 633 by the
Driantia Sitiefladr (q.v.). This system was to be the breadbasket of
the state. The economy was once much stronger and the world had a C
class starport, but harder times struck and the economy disintegrated
around 861. Lawlessness prevailed and the system was rated an amber

Most of the population roams the world in vehicles maintained with
cannibalised parts. The nomads live a tribal existence, where only the
fittest survive. Some possess certain technical skills that have been
passed down through the generations.

Some others have fallen right back to primitive lifestyles, living in
coastal and river villages as various types of hunter/gatherers. These
are raided for food from time to time by nearby communities are
various types.

The cities are mostly ruined and decayed, though there are still
enclaves with power and the ability to maintain most of their
equipment. These are in communication with each other by radio, but
there is no world government. Enclave dwellers sometimes communicate
and trade with passing starships.

The chirpers have been living in the forests of the world all along,
though they were beaten back back somewhat as wilderness areas were
cleared for farmlands by the original colony. Many of these areas have
regrown and the chirpers have returned, where they compete quite
successfully with the human hunter/gatherers.

Referee's Notes:

(1) There are also small communities descended from survivalists in
some parts of the world. Some of these live on islands, which are
isolated and easy to defend.

(2) Relations between the enclave dwellers and the nomads are
generally poor or worse. The nomads sometimes raid the enclaves for
equipment and slaves. The people of the enclaves occasionally raid the
nomads for servants of various types, since even the lowest amongst
them will not stoop to some tasks.

(3) All groups have their fair share of people who have become
mentally unbalanced.

(4) The economy collapsed because criminal elements from Sitiefladr
bled the economy dry (a learning experience for them). A couple of
criminal organisations thought about putting money into
Friaprchivzhdo, as some recompense for their actions, then said "Nah!"
and went elsewhere.

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