Chezh Daznish WriteUp

Chezh Daznish (0833) This world is mainly inhabited by a mixture of
Talpaku, Zhodani and Izrats Kriezhlas. More recent arrivals are some
immigrants from Forday's Fortune and a Carillon presence.

Despite the fact that the world is only marginally habitable, this
society is flourishing. They have learnt through necessity to be good
at recycling and designing systems with as little waste as possible.
They are also known for buying cheap surplus goods elsewhere and
repairing them for their own use, or to sell them at a profit to
passing traders or to other worlds. Some call Chezh Daznish the
"junkyard of space", saying they even have a second hand world,
referring to the Chezh Daznish ownership of Didtayinzhial (0834).
Their military base also features second-hand components from other

The inhabitants avoid imports of products needed for life support,
reasoning that this leaves them open to ransom or to succumb quickly
to a blockade in time of war. It also ensures that they can remain
non-aligned politically. They use duties and other taxes to ensure
that local manufacturers can survive, which makes them unpopular with
traders who wish to sell such goods. Merchants particularly enjoy
occasions when they can force a good price out of government buyers.

The world has rotational period of 17 hours and has a very thin
atmosphere (surface pressure is .35 atmospheres). Native plants tend
to be thin and spindly, featuring wavy tendril like "branches". The
most notable lifeform is nimbusweed, a plant that is naturally thin
and wavy, yet quite strong. These are used to make a cotton like
fibre, suitable for weaving into clothing or coarse fabrics with
little treatment. Nimbusweed in the wild comes in only a small variety
of colours, but cross-breeding has resulting in commercial crops of a
variety of fabric colours. Some of the small furry animals are
exported to the Talpaku Communality as pets.

The multicultural population has resulted in an energetic fashion
industry, which is slowly acquiring a reputation in the surrounding
area. There is a fashion event every 4 local years (approximately
every 187 standard days), corresponding to the harvest cycle of the

Referee: (1) The world is rumoured (correctly) to be one of the main
worlds for pirates to sell their booty. The locals ask no questions
and have only a moderate law level; in return, they are not subject to
piratical activities and states which have put the local government
under pressure tend to find that piratical activities against their
shipping suddenly increase. The locals should not be thought of as
criminals themselves, these policies are set within government and
individual citizens would have no idea of what is going on.

(2) The locals use Solar Powered Satellites as a major component of
their energy sources. Incoming ships are warned to avoid the beams
which transmit the energy to the world surface.

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