Didtayinzhial WriteUp

Didtayinzhial (0834) is a tidally locked world with habitable plateaux
in the highest mountains of the world (the atmospheric pressure being
too dense at lower altitudes). These are mostly populated by an early
Iron Age society, rather like the ancient forebears of the Scots of
Rom's Loch subsector, except with psionics.

The inhabitants speak a dialect of the Zhodani tongue and possess
artefacts that are believed to be of Zhodani naval origin. The oldest
settlement still uses part of an extensive cave system which appears
to be laser drilled and there is other evidence of Zhodani
technological culture (e.g. the oldest parts of Zdantich castle). The
exact details of the origin of the natives are unknown. There are two
Zhodani research teams present (both with mixed sociologists and
archaeologists) and a few individual researchers.

Certain knowledge and practices have been passed down through the
generations as customs (such as cleanliness is a really good idea if
you don't want to die of disease), even some that would not normally
be known to a culture of this tech level. The most unusual of these is
that of psionic training; individuals with such talent are prized and
rewarded. It is almost certain that the people would not have survived
without them. Among other things, the psionic talents allow the
various clans to communicate with each other. Contact with offworlders
in recent centuries has further boosted the skill level of their own
psionic talents.

About 300 years ago, Chezh Daznish (0833), occupied an unused plateau
and used it to grow various crops, particularly Nimbusweed. The colony
has little or no manufacturing capability, importing all equipment
from Chezh Daznish. This apparently "magical" equipment is used by
some clansmen employees in the fields. The system starport, which has
only minimal facilities for the starport type, is also here.

The colony also functions as a mediator on disputes between clans and
therefore has some influence over them. The world is rated as a colony
of Chezh Daznish (which explains the government code) but other stats
come from the clansmen.

Referee's Notes:

(1) The world was originally colonised in -5097 (during the Meichntid
Ibl War of Secession) when a damaged Zhodani vessel (the Zhdanticha)
misjumped, in a desperate attempt to escape capture. The bad news was
that both the manoeuvre and jump drives were irreparably damaged,
leaving them stranded. The good news was that the excellent hospital
facilities were almost untouched (the ship had the squadron's main
hospital facilities), so the injured crew could be healed, ready for
the rigours ahead.

The crew were forced to colonise the world as best they could, using
the remaining facilities of the ship while they lasted. The remaining
ships boat, for instance, was able to tow the warship into a crude
planetary orbit and then ferry people back and forth from world
surface to orbit. The remaining two fighters, which were armed with
lasers, were used to carve caves and tunnels into rock, to form their
first homes.

Winners of a lottery occupied the low berths which were able to be
removed from the warship hospital. These were stored in the lower
levels of the first settlement and programmed to release the occupants
after two hundred and sixty years (unless, of course, released
manually by the rescuers which they hoped would find them before

The immediate needs of survival resulted in the loss of all
technological capability, resulting in the current primitive society.
They know of their origin only in legends. No artefacts of the
original warship remain functional, though some feature as objects of
worship or symbols of office. By the time their warship fell out of
orbit, leaving a fiery streak in the sky, many of those watching
thought of it only in superstitious terms.

The occupants of the low berths emerged into a society very different
to the one they left. They were able to use some of the few remaining
functional items and were revered as gods by the clans. Their leader
(the original Second Lieutenant of the ship) was a sociologist and
sensed from the slowly changing attitudes of the clans that it was
only a matter of time until the barbarians killed them. One did not
believe her and stayed. Some decided to take a chance and return to
the low berths, where, one by one, they died and remain to this day.
The remainder cannibalised the parts of the remaining small craft to
repair the ship's boat and took it, some trustworthy locals and
supplies, to live on a far away plateau.

The memory of these people is revered and priests mutilate or paint
themselves to resemble various types of low berth side effects
suffered by the sleepers. They have legends of great ones, who will
come again when they are needed, rather like the Terran myths of King
Arthur. The survivor who remained tried to take over the clans and was
killed as the sociologist predicted. He is remembered as a demon,
under a corrupted version of his name (Dreqlanzh).

(2) There is an unknown pirate base in this system.

(3) The first colony is built around a laser drilled cave system. Only
the caves close to the outside are now used; the rest are shunned and
of religious significance. No offworld scientist has ever been given
permission to enter these. The clan stopped cooperating with
scientists totally at one stage, when some tried to sneak in, were
caught and executed for their trouble. There are relics in here of

(4) Shortly after arriving in system, the crew decided that their best
chance of rescue was for a volunteer to fly one of their few remaining
fighters at full acceleration and aim it carefully at a suitable
system back in the Zhodani Consulate. With a few circuits of the local
primary for added angular momentum, the fighter was expected to be
able to achieve a velocity of about 0.25 light speed when fuel ran out
(and hence life support...). Engineers rigged a solar powered beacon
which would be triggered upon target arrival, expected to be in about
250 years.

The fighter obviously did not make it. Referees may wish players to
find it somewhere and trace it back to Didtayinzhial. Proof of the
origin of the colony would be worth a reward from the research teams.
Alternatively, referees may allow the players to find out about the
fighter and search across space for it, resulting in a find of value
to archaeologists.

(5) The clan of the low berth occupants still exists on their remote
plateau, though no one has ever discovered them. They too have
descended into barbarism, though their culture is a little different
to the others. The "lost" clan never had the ability to train
psionically talented individuals and have forgotten that psionics
exists (and that the other clans exist, for that matter).

They survive by foraging and hunting in the peaks surrounding their
plateau, which is lower than the others. The atmosphere at their
plateau would be rated "Dense". Some peaks are reached by crossing
deep valleys with man-power assisted gliders. These function by diving
off a plateau until they reach an altitude which is dense enough to
support their weight, flying/gliding across to the destination, then
climbing up the mountain to more tolerable atmospheric pressures.
Naturally, this is very dangerous.

(6) The clans have varying opinions on the Chezh Daznish colony. So
far, the colony has restricted itself to uninhabited areas; there will
be no significant action against it as long as this practice

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