Zdoblze WriteUp

Zdoblze (0835) is often visited by merchant craft, trading between the
Talpaku and the jump-2 worlds to rimward. Pirates have used the system
to prey on such ships from time to time in the past, but the last such
activity was many decades ago. The system was once an amber zone, but
this was rescinded when the piracy ceased.

The two belts are poor and the single attempt at settlement (in 1045)

Referee: The system is now again the home of a pirate base. There are
some disputes between pirates, as the local band does not like others
operating here, since this is likely to bring the Talpaku Navy in

A suggested encounter here is the players being attacked by a corsair
which then breaks off to fight another corsair. The players can take
pot shots at both while the battle is joined. The accumulated damage
taken by the winner makes the corsair weak enough that the merchant
ship used by the players has a chance of defeating it.

A military adventure could also be set here, with a Talpaku
Communality ship or ships being used to escort shipping or to
eradicate the base. Alternatively, it could be a mercenary ticket
involving a company employing a Broadsword type vessel. In the latter
case, a reason would need to be established to explain why the Talpaku
Communality could not be informed (perhaps the information was
obtained illegally?), or the company would just sit back and let the
furries beat them up for free (and the Talpaku do love beating up

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