Qriensh Jdazh WriteUp

Qriensh Jdazh (0837) is a captured high density planet in a highly
elliptical orbit about the primary, out of the ecliptic. At certain
points in the orbit, the world enters the habitable zone of the star
and life blooms. The population harvests the unusual lifeforms that
have adapted to these conditions and extract various chemicals from
them. The rotational period of the world is 37 hours.

The planet is very rocky and craggy, with many active volcanoes, each
surrounded by an ash plain. There are only 7 tectonic plates (called
basins, locally) of any size on the world, surrounded by mountains and
ravines caused by plate movements. Each of the basins has a government
of its own, most being companies.

Referee's Notes:

(1) The only cooperation between the governments is to pursue those
who try to slip in unnoticed at harvest time for a piece of the
action. The governments sometimes employ offworlders as workers,
particularly those with technical skills. Other governments sometimes
try to slip saboteurs into the workforce of other governments and
employ security staff to protect themselves against the saboteurs of

(2) Some of the lifeforms have unusual regenerative properties which
are sold to (generally Zhodani) companies interested in anagathics
drugs. The governments which are companies are either divisions or
subsidiaries of such companies).

(3) The permanent inhabitants practice zero population growth, due to
the limitations of life support.

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