Whahwhiv WriteUp

Whahwhiv (0839) is a water world with a two main archipelagoes and a
few other small islands. All islands feature a central volcano, some
of which are active.

The atmosphere is dense with a high oxygen taint, which made it
attractive to the recent Talpaku colonists. The name of the world
cannot be translated in Galanglic (it describes the feeling of
suddenly breathing sweet, unpolluted air, like a human city dweller
breathing country air for the first time). The colonists have set
themselves up on a few of the islands and exploit the ocean for food
(both from ships and undersea habitats). There is considerable marine
life, helped by the high oxygen taint. The colony is yet to proceed to
the next stage of development and is not formally part of the
Communality (it is a client state).

Referee: The world was originally settled in the 680s by the Driantia
Sitiefladr (which called it Nonshtelfa). The system was abandoned in
695 and the population of about 30, knowing that they would never be
rescued, lived out their lives as best they could. They had plenty of
life support and no need to labour, so they pursued artistic pursuits
to mark their lives (some, such as sculptures of up to mountain face
in size still exist; referees should allow for several decades of TL
11 work). By choice, there were no children and the last survivor died
in 754. Several people, including the last, kept diaries in written or
other form and these would be valuable, particularly in the Consulate
(some of the colonists were originally born there). These should be
difficult to find, being placed near an now active volcano or in
shallows (perhaps that is land has sunk a little). There is no
evidence that such "diaries" exist, though a few general details of
the original colony are known to some. The Talpaku are far too busy
setting up their own colony to have time to spare on such adventures.

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