Gakhamesh WriteUp

Gakhamesh (Imperial UWP C683623-A)
(Human UWP A683701-C)

In the 3I Gakhamesh was a backwater planet between Usdiki and the Reft.
During the rebellion the existing class C starport became closed because
of lacking maintenance, and techlevel dropped to 9 before Virus arrived.
The Participating Democracy collapsed and the people started to work
together in smaller groups, in an anarchy like system.

The FDR used Gakhamesh between 1143 and 1170 as a primary target for
citizen relocations from worlds where life for the meat was not so easy.
Gakhamesh managed well to integrate those unrooted people, and received
a Tl:C class A starport 1172 subsidiary from Usdiki. The economy upgraded
back to dynamic systems, and Gakhamesh is now one of the most important
human populated worlds in the FDR.

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