Majdr WriteUp

Majdr (0934) is a tidally locked world with a corrosive mix
atmosphere, including HCl, HF, SO2, and Neon. Not surprisingly, Majdr
was not settled in the first Dlarashtsalash push but was instead first
colonised around -1620 as a remote mining/trade station.

After colonisation, the world prospered for several hundred years,
selling ores, radioactives and other goods wrested from the mines. The
station grew and the world became a popular market for goods from
coreward and spinward. However, the mines gradually closed and the
main trade routes moved further rimward. Now, the world has regressed
almost to the point where it will not be able to support itself in its
corrosive environment. The world survives as it is still the only link
to the Carillon to coreward.

As a result of its declining technology, several practices have arisen
to cope with the more frequent leakages of gas into the Majdra
caverns. Many people have taken to wearing heavy cosmetics to hide
disfiguring from such occurrences. Alarmed by its decreasing
population (now only 8440), the government proclaimed in 1073 that
marriage can only be for a standard year. Numerous concessions were
announced for people who produced offspring from multiple partners.

Due to the chilly mean surface temperature of -172.1 degrees, the main
population centre, Majdras, is situated in natural caverns about 600m
beneath the Stealas Mtns (which are found in less severe temperatures
on the day side). The starport is about 30km below on the plains.

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