Toraago WriteUp

Toraago (Imperial UWP D244412-A)
(Human UWP A244513-A)

In the Imperial time Toraago was owned by the Toraago "Better than Life"
company, a hidden psionic institute, working under cover of SuSAG.

When founding stopped 1125 the company had to sell most of its TL:A equipment
to a competitor in Usdiki, and to restructure the economy to agricultural
production, using geneered plants from the SuSAG stock, for future cover.

When Virus arrived, he found nothing to infect than some satellites orbiting
the main worlds - the weather forecasts network.

Toraago is still in corporate ownership SuSAG and is considered as a refugee
world for displaced people from the barrens. Its class A starport is one of
the busiest places in the regency, as Toraago is one of the main suppliers
for life support systems and food. BTL packs showing the SuSAG logo are
produced in a large variety of savours. Price is 7200Cr for a 28mq container.

Reconctact with the Regency SuSAG headquarter, 1145 when delivering the
CABAL project, provided the system with with a growing wealth. Toraago
is now the official headquater for all SuSAG operations tail and rimwards
of Gushemege.

Toraago hosted the first JumpPort as an orbiter for 3 years and is currently
catering the Moot of JumpPorts any 12 years.

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