Lishuggi WriteUp

Lishuggi (Imperial UWP A565640-A)
(Human UWP C565651-A)
(Parent UWP A 473-E)

Lishuggi was home of a minor naval base for substandard reserve vessels
of the Vapethi Enth KEV and the Ael Yael assault force battalion.

The 2585 TankRon of the 231st Penetration fleet was the main reason
for the Imperial A starport and the naval base received several TL:E
upgrades for supporting this fleet during the rebellion.

Virus arrived in form of a God strain late 1136 with a KEV ship searching
home. The TL:A backup suicided and the navel base remained in orbit.
God enjoyed his Vapethis, but was disturbed by the Human and Ael Yael
population. As he realized that the Vapethi have a lower rate of
population grow than humans, he got finally insane and nuked his planet
end of 44 by using neutron bombs for the human cities.

Silviana Novalis had to left her seat in the Moot of JumpPorts for her
decision that its more important to build a new downport on Toraago than
to disable the naval base on Lishuggi. About 34 million Humans, Ael Yael
and Vapethi died because of her misinterpretation about Lishuggis
motivation and stableness.

One month later an assault attack disabled Lishuggis God. About 5% of
the naval bases asset was left after this attack and restrained with
the parent type. The remaining 70 Vapethi and 20 Ael Yael managed to
obtain a puppeteer egg some weeks later, infected several vessels and
left Rure. Its not known if they are now hold at Chulesh, or
traveled farer core wards.

The main world its ruled by the Suzjoiva clan. Duchess Shiga Suzjoiva
Shogs was born in 1073 and succeeded her mother in 1115. She is a
follower of Olputouen, an Archipelago based pantheism.

God is everything and everything is god. Since 44 worshipers increased
active missioning, mostly teaching the book of holy Leibowitz. Believers
seek to preserve the knowledge and wisdom of the past. Lishuggi is the
main supplier for food for starships and jump ports and has the highest
rate of university absolvents in the FDR, they also often qualify as
teachers for the Yacht project, so the religion has become fairly popular
and counts about 20 million worshipers. Followers of Olputouen can be
seen in any fleet. Manual writing with a pencil on real organic paper
became as popular in the FDR as astrogation with a TL:1 computing device
called abacus.

Duchess Shiga last book "The Power of Disappearance" was published 97, two
month after she had left Rure with 'Muecke', Camille Novalis Alkhalikoi and
a fleet of around 60 vessels including 3 small jump ports. Since then the
"The Power of Disappearance" became a meme (a psycho virus) and several smaller
human controlled dynamically linked fleets left Rure towards unknown

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