Shir WriteUp

Shir (Imperial UWP A100656-F)
(Human UWP B1005UA-A)
(Parent UWP A100573-F)

Shir is Rures most important resource for rare earth. During the rebellion
the planet didn't suffer from lack of trade like most other systems, and
the first infect from an Empire strain '31 found excellent facilities, and
showed nearly no victims under the human population. But the following fights
of the different empires between '32 to '34 killed about 78% of the human
population as a side effect, until a alliance builder was able to stop the
internal war and adopted the remaining humans. In '39 a puppeteer was able
take control over the bunker and tunnel network. A restrain with a parent
in '43 was successful, and the starport was refitted. Since then the wealth
is steady growing. In '65 the human population build its own class C trade
port at TL:9, and upgraded it to a class B 2 years later. The Tl:A upgrade
in form of the common Yacht project followed 73.

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