Satsva WriteUp

Satsva (1035), also known as the Satsva Belt, was originally settled
as a way station for trade passing to spinward. There is little
mineral wealth in the Belt and without mining, never attracted belters
in great number. However, around -1000, a number of unusual organic
compounds were discovered in the outer reaches, which were discovered
to have a number of useful applications.

This industry continues today., supporting a system population of
3,280,000. The only class B starport is found at the capital (Denwa,
population 820,000) but there is also a class C starport at Ritesh
(population 648,000) and a class D starport at Bril (population
416,000). There is quite a rivalry between Denwa and Ritesh. Passing
starships are permitted to dock at whichever of the three starports
they choose.

By custom, all inhabitants must be indentured to learn their trade
from the ages of 18 to 30. During this time, they can have no outside
distractions, and live at their place of work.

The system is also home to the Satsva Academy of Organic Chemistry,
renowned for its research and teaching in this field. Here,
academicians must prove themselves before tenure by creating their own
meals from basic organic compounds. This occasionally produces results
that can be both amusing and tragic.

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